About Our Ministries

Who We Are

Grace Baptist Church is a Biblical ministry concentrating on feeding souls with the Word of God. In God’s Word, we are told we can know we have eternal life (1 John 5:13). If you are seeking this assurance, this is the ministry for you.

Our service times are:

Sunday Worship 10:00 AM

Sunday School 11:00 AM

Carry-in – covered dish follows

Afternoon/Evening services @1:00 PM

Showboat Retirement Home services every Sunday 4:00 PM

Wednesday Evening Prayer 7:00 PM

Westward Heights Retirement Home Services every Thursday 2:30 PM

We specialize in a regular diet of fellowship with other believers and encouragement from God’s Word that edifies your soul. 1 John also asks us in chapter 2 verse 28 whether we will be confident or shameful when we approach God on our day of judgment. Each individual must come to terms with his or her own stance before a perfect, just, and demanding God. The way we have this confidence is given to us in scripture. The Bible tells us we are brought to eternal life through Christ Jesus alone, by His power, by His love, and by His grace (John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 15:22; Ephesians 2:8). If you have not met the Son, you have not met the Father, therefore you are not acceptable (Matthew 11:27).

Do you know the Son? If not, you do not have eternal life and you should have no confidence to go before God the Father (1 John 2:28). It is through the Son that we can appear before the Father (John 14:6). No one can work themselves into this righteousness (Romans 3:22-25). If they could, why did Christ die for your sins (Gal 2:21)?

Pastor Senter concentrates on delivering the Word of God to the people of Lander. His greatest passion is to preach and teach the Word. God himself has said that when His Word is spoken, read, or preached it will not return without evidence of effort. Something will happen (Isaiah 55:10-11). If you are experiencing deep negative or depressing thoughts, your soul needs to be properly fed and irrigated. Regular exposure to proper exposition of biblical passages, fellowship with other believers, and an inspiring prayer life are a great beginning to promote a healthy spiritual and mental life.

Bible Conference

As a western ministry, we have a heart to reach out to the most rural of individuals in our nation, the American Cowboy. We are privileged to host a Cowboy Bible Conference (click here for photos) every year in the fall. We target the latter week of September for this event. Cowboys conduct the services, preach and provide the music. Grace Bible opens our facilities to cowboys to reach other cowboys for the Lord.

Bible Studies

Grace Bible promotes studying God’s word in a variety of venues. Besides regular Sunday morning and evening services, and Wednesday night Bible study and prayer services, we provide other great opportunities to dig deep into God’s word. On Monday we have men’s Bible study. Tuesday our ladies get together. Thursday we have a general walk through the bible study. All our bible studies are at 7PM. We hope you can join us as we learn more of God’s word.

We offer three four studies weekly at 7PM:

  • Monday’s Men’s and woman’s bible Study
  • Wednesday evening is our prayer meeting
  • Thursday General Bible Study

Children’s Ministries

Grace Bible Church is deeply committed to Deuteronomy 6:7 which commands us to rear our children in the Lord by bringing Him into our home, speaking of Him day and night, morning and evening. Our children’s ministries focus upon these tender hearts with an eternal view in mind, preparing them for childhood by providing a biblically based Christ centered program that introduces them to the Savior.

The Buckaroo Bible Club not only meets these standards, it surpasses them by being an integrated ministry system. Children are encouraged through the structure of the club to be integrated in the whole ministry. They practice songs to sing them regularly before the whole congregation. Older children get added points for taking sermon notes. Other aspects of the program make it even more a part the hole body of Christ’s worship of our Lord. Our Buckaroo club meets each Wednesday night at 7 with our prayer meeting.

Teen Ministries

Grace Bible Church is just beginning a teen group. The focus will be to introduce our young adults to a level of scriptural understanding that brings them to the next level of spiritual development. This prepares them for adulthood by laying a foundation based in God’s Word. Study, activities, missions, and service in a variety of participatory events where teens can implement Christlike behaviors and service to others in their lives. As our ministry grows, our young people grow with it. Seeing young people grow in the Lord is a passion of the ministry, and has been a focus for Pastor Senter for a number of years.

Adult Ministries

Grace Bible encourages individuals to implement biblical leadership, stewardship, servitude, and love in the home (Joshua 24:15). When a biblical home life is the focus, and the home is exercising these principles, it seeks to serve God in all it does. The family that focus’ upon God in all things, pleases God.

Before marriage, in times of strife, or discomfort/disagreement or just to further clarify God’s requirement in our relationships and lives, Grace Bible Church also offers counseling and assistance programs focused upon the answers in the Holy Bible. One who believes in the bible’s description and provision for salvation, must therefore lay their dependence upon its guidance and direction in life. This is biblical counsel not subject to the whim of mans intuition. A counsel grounded in a truth tested throughout time.

Westward and Showboat rest homes focus upon physical needs for the elderly. We cooperate to provide spiritual enrichment and instruction to these dear saints through an outreach to them.

Ladies Ministry

In addition to the ladies Bible study, our ladies meet  to fellowship, plan events, pray, and just be together to enjoy Christ  among them. This gives them opportunities of service and outreach that brings them closer together.

Men’s Ministry

Grace Bible has not necessarily developed  specific men’s ministries at the church due to our many conflicting schedules. We offer the men’s bible studies and the men participate in visitation and when the Pastor presents the Aitken’s Bible Project.

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