Aitken Bible Project

We decided in 2010 that we needed to do something for our country. We recognize, as many today also affirm, that our nation is falling deeper into debauchery, away from God and more into sin. We see our national leadership running from God instead of seeking Him and His wisdom. We see statistics associated with child development, education, teen pregnancy, single parent families, homosexual movements, infanticide (pro-choice and pro-abortion movements) and other efforts to force society into a chaotic existence. These things mark the decline of society, not societal progression or advancement.

Though we are but a small rural ministry, we know we serve THE all-powerful God. With man, these things are impossible, with God all things are possible (Matt 19:26). We can do our part to help our state and our country. Our nation was founded Christian by Christians for the freedom of mankind in Christ.

The Aitkens Bible Project webpage contains short biographies on some of our founding fathers. There are many many more men in our nations history (we will endeavor to add more biographies) that were devout Christians with wonderful testimonies. One man, Dr. John Witherspoon, founding father, theologian, signer of the Declaration of Independence, Congressman and many other things, had direct influence over more than 140 of our founding fathers. That includes James Madison, the author of the Constitution. James Madison himself stayed an extra year in Seminary to study Hebrew under Witherspoon. That is how Madison was properly trained to write our Constitution. Interestingly, Madison started in Seminary, moved to complete his law degree and pass the bar, then chose to stay that extra year in Seminary.

Back on track with Aitkens Bible Project, the facts that surround our nation’s founding have been muddled and/or lost for any number of reasons. Much of this has been men aspiring to political success instead of self-sacrificial service (a main tenant of Christianity). We simply want to encourage reading the original documents to find the truth of that Christian foundation. We have not been perfect as a nation. No nation on earth will be. We have made major errors in judgmentalism and dominance (Matt 7:1-5). None of this is Christian, just as the Crusades were not Christian. We were not founded for domination but liberation and freedom. But with freedom, with liberation comes a responsibility to protect it for all and in all ways. We are losing sight of that truth.

With liberal implementation of relative truth, we lose sight of the responsibilities that come with freedom. Man cannot just do whatever he wants. We cannot murder, we cannot steal, wanting what belongs to others is wrong. Adultery is wrong and at its base, society knows that is true. We get those base truths for our society’s existence from the same place our founders received them, the Christian Bible. Society is in trouble because they have tried to teach foundational truths with no true foundation. Society has taught our youth that God has to be removed from society except in the church. God has the right to be involved in every aspect of our life.

Please visit our website. Help us reintroduce the truth of our Christian foundations. It is as simple as encouraging our schools, our teachers, our principles and other education leaders read the original documents with objectivity for themselves. Further, permit our young people to read them, introduce them and encourage personal study and research. Help kids find the truths for themselves. That is a base tenant of public education – that children find truth themselves and make those decisions to express themselves in an informed manner.

Thank you.

Tim Senter, Pastor

1 thought on “Aitken Bible Project”

  1. This is important to know about the Holy
    Bible. The Spiritual food of my life. And it is written by the Word of God.The Holy Bible written by the insperation of God.
    I must have to learn and know the truth.
    My Holy Bible study is going to teach me
    My husband and myself and children. God blessed my families and my grand Children. God bless us.

    Thank you Father God for giving your son Jesus Christ to saved our sins.
    Jane Dumawin

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