Chris’s Testimony

I accepted Christ when I was very young. I remember asking Christ into my heart and have always felt His presence in my life. I was raised in a family that did not attend church, so my attendance was a hit or miss with friends that attended weekly. After the birth of our first child, I started looking for a church to attend. We were stationed on Guam. We went to a few churches but never settled on one. I felt a longing to attend church wherever we went. I would attend with my 3 kids but my husband had no desire to go. Finally, I just quit going.

When our firstborn was in 8th grade, she confessed to us that she was interested in witchcraft and was thinking of suicide. Tim and I decided we needed to seek the Lord and get our children into a Christian school. We went to Frederick Christian Academy and started to enroll our kids. They required us to attend a church regularly. Peoples Baptist Church was connected to the school, so we started there. I rededicated my life to Christ when our Pastor came to our house in March and prayed with us. Leigh and Sean went forward on a Sunday morning altar call and Amanda was led by Tim at home. The family was baptized together in April. I cannot begin to describe all the changes that have gone on since then. I am not the person I used to be. Tim and I attended church and Bible study classes. We attended a Parenting class and changed a great many things in our family. God is so good.

While in Maryland I started my training for ministry by reading every book I could get my hands on (Biographies, studies, and commentaries). I listened to tapes from other churches that my pastor provided. When we moved to South Carolina, I started to audit classes at BJU. I have attended “Women in Christian Ministry” taught by Mrs. Reamers and Mrs. Beneth Jones. I also attended “Counseling Techniques” taught by Pastor Mazak and “Women Counseling Women” by Mrs. Pat Berg. All of these classes have been a great help to me.

I am working toward being the Proverbs 31 woman. I am the keeper of the home and I am helping to provide for women’s needs in the ministry. I am striving to be the helpmate for my husband that God created me to be.

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