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A big part of knowing you are saved is knowing persecution for your faith is about the Father, Son and Spirit in you. 

How often are we stereotyped as Christians? How often is that stereotyping negative. How often are Christians labeled as misogynists, homophobes and chauvinists. Christians are often considered less intellectually astute because we believe in a young earth, creation and the flood. As we consider how the world attempts to marginalize and discredit Christians, we should always remember what Jesus taught his disciples in John 15:23-24 – all affronts to individual believers is an affront to Jesus and an affront to the Father as well. 1 John 2:23 makes this more clear where the scripture teaches whoever denies the Jesus also denies God the Father.

Christian, take heart. If you are persecuted for your faith, if you are derided because you proclaim Christ, if your character is impugned because you live differently than those around you, your mental acuity is considered discredited because you trust in the Bible take heart; you are in good company. In my book starting on page 117 we find these reflections:

Biblical belief is based not just in an intellectual affirmation and agreement as our form of the word indicates. Biblical belief carries the connotation that communicates, a resting in or a dependence upon the object of belief. The biblical definition expresses a complete trusting in or reliance upon for sustenance, existence and life. Our belief is therefore laying our dependence for our eternal life upon the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. In this, you have salvation. In this, you admit Jesus is living with God the Father in Heaven. In this, we acknowledge the virgin birth; in this, we acknowledge His vicarious atonement for our sin. In this, we confess His resurrection to defeat death and Hell. In confessing that there is an existing Son of God, you confess that He lives, has the power to save you from sin and that He did exactly that at Calvary. (Knowing you are saved, pp 117-118)

The biblical belief required for salvation through Christ also gives us direct access to the Father in Heaven. For instance, when we pray we pray to the Father through the Son, there is no other way to reach His heavenly throne. When we request wisdom, we request it from the Father and our request goes through the Son. When we ask God to forgive us our sins, we ask the Father’s forgiveness through the Son (1 Jhn 1:9).

When we read John 10:30, we also recognize that every action we take through Christ then is through the Father, every request we make to the Father is to the Son. Every prayer answered, every strength bolstered, every miracle performed by the Father is performed by the Son. We should also add that the Holy Spirit is equally one with the Father and Son. When we receive more faith through prayer, it is provided by and through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Luk 17:5). Since the three are one, denying any one, denies all. Believe in the three in one, or you believe in nothing. That is why you will equally suffer persecutions as Jesus suffered them. Natural man does not want God in his life and will fight vehemently to deny Him.