We often sing dad’s praises on Father’s day from the pulpit. It is an honor of mine to be a father and to receive praises from my children. I know many fathers that are by far better qualified than I, and that have done far greater things with and for their children than I. The scriptures certainly have much to say concerning fatherhood, how we should lead, what we should do to encourage our children to greater heights of godliness and christlikeness. There are many wonderful and encouraging lessons that will be taught by pulpits everywhere. However, we often neglect the one perfect and greatest Father.

There is one Father above all fathers.This Father created a perfect living environment, food, comfort, daily activities and regular personal time with His children (Gen 1). This Father loved His children enough to chastise them when they disobeyed (Gen 3). This Father protected His children by placing a great pillar of cloud and fire before an entire army (Exo 14:19, 24). He guided His children from behind that pillar’s protection by making a path through the Red Sea on dry ground (Exo 14:21). He ensured their safety by decimating an entire army, folding that very same sea over upon them (Exo 14:27-28).

This, of course, is our Father in Heaven. We should be clear, no father on earth can match our Father in Heaven. God does not expect that either. What we should do is strive to emulate Him, work hard to pattern our love, protection, involvement, guidance, leadership and example for our families and especially our children.

God has, since the beginning planned to provide another living example. This example would not be a father, but He would certainly emulate the Father in Heaven. He said if you see the Father, you see Me. Some might say Jesus could not be a pattern for fatherhood because He was not a father. This is nonsence because being God, He knows and lives co-equal with the Father. All the perfection of our Father in Heaven’s compassion, life, relationships, etc exists in Jesus.

Fathers, strive to emulate our Father in Heaven. He is our guide, our pattern, the only one worthy of our wholehearted dedication. He loves us above all love we can fathom.