Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, (2 For 6:17).

Why would someone saved from the condemnation of the world want to stay in that darkness? There are many reasons but the most common one is sin’s grip. Can an individual be saved in Christ and still sin. It is what we all suffer and that is not the point of salvation, to be sinless..There is a great bit more to that doctrine and we should not distort it here. Suffice it to say believers and heathens alike sin throughout their lives on earth; one is forgiven, one is not. Part of the continuing sin in the believer is their continuing in darkness as if it is still the norm in their lives. The believer should grow separate from the world, grow in holiness and godliness, grow in God’s grace to be perfected (Rom 12:2).

The world’s reaction to separated and sanctified christians has always been negative. While this is true, in it lies an irony that is somewhat baffling. People of the world claim independence from God, and from one another. Popular today is a wicked lie known as relative truth or relativism. It purports to be the height of freedom for life in the world. Everyone has their own truth, believes what they desire and lives as though those things are true. This philosophy may sound exciting and interesting, but as with all things man is perverting it toward greater and greater wickedness. The Christian is called out of this chaos to an immutable God, an unchanging deity of unlimited power, grace, mercy, love and forgiveness.

Why would one saved from the opposite of our glorious God seek to remain in that chaos? Ironically, as much as man says he wants to be independent, he actually wants to be accepted and a contemporary of his peers. Man does not naturally desire adversity with other men. Evidence of this is the wide difference between public persona which is acceptable if congenial, cooperative, and humble in appearance and the true heart displayed which is often angry, narcissistic and very self-willed.

The truth is that individuals whom act and live contrary to the masses acceptable norms are often marginalized or vilified. We have laws and prisons for the most unacceptable. From the beginning with Cain believers were treated with greater derision and disdain. God’s people separate themselves unto Him and have always suffered from the world’s people whom out number them, are more vicious and certainly cruel.

Separation unto God means we must face Satan’s children’s shortcomings, their tendency to be who they are. John 8:44 says the worldly are murderers and liars. As believers live more in the light of God’s truth and life, the worldly persecute them more and more harshly. Christian, Jesus prepared us through His word and the examples in His life. Take heart Christian, Jesus knows what you are going through. He’s been there, and He’s with you.