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In John 14:29-31 Jesus tells His disciples that He will be departing very soon. He says there will be very few times for Him to be with them any more. Those few times are very poignant. In Chapter 15 we have the vine and branches exhortation, the very striking “the world hates you” rhetoric and another introduction to the Comforter. In Chapter 16 Jesus opens explaining He means no offense, but there will be many fraudulent ministers and ministries  that claim to know God, but ostracize those who truly do understand and worship God. Jesus shares the Spirit of Truth with His disciples. He continued to warn them concerning the challenges in their future. He encourages them about their access to Him that what they may ask, they shall receive. He directly challenges their faith. In chapter 17 we have His prayer for the disciples and for all believers.

Through all this, Jesus stays on task, true to the Father, is steadfast to the passion in His heart to give himself for the salvation of all mankind. Through all this Jesus exemplifies perfect patience, meekness, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith and temperance. We see our Lord living out the fruits of the Spirit as the Spirit lives in and through Him.

Through all these efforts and His teaching, Jesus honors not only the Father, but the Spirit of God as well. Through these passages Jesus teaches what the Father is doing for mankind by guiding Jesus through these extremely difficult periods of time. We find the Comforter being promised and supportive with our Lord. We find all three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit working together carefully and closely coordinating their ministries all focused on one event, the crucifixion. They are all focused upon providing salvation for mankind.

The crucifixion is not only a passion of the Son, but is equally a passion of the Father and Spirit. Jesus prays for His disciples to see the Father’s plan and understand the Son’s part. He prays for those who will be given to Him in the future. He prays for those He has talked to and that the words He has spoken will be heard and understood.

Jesus has worked hard to prepare His disciples. He has spoken not only words of comfort and love, He has not only chosen to send the perfect Comforter; Jesus has spoken in very difficult and tough terms directly to His disciples. He is calling for a dedication to faith in the real, true and only God of Heaven, His Son and the Holy Spirit that will scare all of mankind. When unbelievers are fearful, their father the devil encourages their hearts to more aggression, persecution and destruction. Jesus knows this.

The Savior puts the tools in place. He teaches His disciples how to use them. He takes the action to show how they are to be used. He is the perfect prophet, priest and teacher. Trust Him; He has accomplished a great work for you.