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When we consider the tome of the scriptures, we see a picture of Heaven and the inhabitants there that concerns itself with the souls on earth. It is amazing the amount of attention we on earth receive from angelic beings, messages by them, singing from them, rejoicing with them and from them. We see pictures of their attentiveness to our lives as angels even marvel at our devotion and activity to glorify our God in Heaven. (1 Pet 1:12)

In John 14:25-28, we find another picture of this. Jesus, after the last supper, after the betrayal of Judas, after Peters foot is deeply planted in his mouth. As Jesus contemplates the fact that within 12 hours His body on this earth would endure three trials filled with false accusations, conviction out of populace calls for His murder and  the most horrid torture man could perpetrate. All of this is clearly on His mind, yet His concern is the comfort and reassurance of the disciples. (vv26-27)

When I see this picture, I see the great peace and grace projected from the Godman to His people. I see a Savior projecting peace under the most strenuous conditions. I see a Savior encouraging us to move past the present stresses and discomforts and look to the eternal things. Further, Jesus is providing tools and people to promote our tranquility, again regardless the challenges we face day to day.

Christian, upon your acceptance of the gift of salvation, the very moment you bow your spirit to God’s Son and accept the Savior you have God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit living in you. Accepting the Savior provides for the peace and comfort of God’s eternal life. Jesus is again encouraging the disciples to look past the horrid life they will endure on earth and be at peace with their heavenly future.

You too can live in this peace, rest in this comfort. It is not just a perspective, it is literally an existence born from the heart and soul within an individual that is being changed into the image of God from the glory of salvation to the glory of glorification by the spirit of the living God. (2 Cor 3:18)

Let God change you, turn over your life to Him. It is not easy, but the act will result in the ultimate of rewards