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When God appeared to Moses He appeared as a pillar of smoke in the day and a pillar of fire at night.

God is opposite the world. Everything you see in the world, every comparison you make, every way you might try to understand God through the world falls short of His magnificent and supernatural glory. It is hard to understand at times when we see even animals giving themselves for those they love. there are great examples of altruism in the animal kingdom. Man has no explanation for this.

In 2008, a bottlenose dolphin rescued two beached whales in New Zealand by leding them out to deeper water. The whales surely would have died had it not been for the dolphin. In New Zealand, a group of swimmers were surprised when dolphins began circling around them, tighter and tighter, splashing in the water. The swimmers initially thought the dolphins were displaying aggressive behavior. It turned out that they were warding off sharks.

When you consider the lessons in John 14:22-24, we see Jesus talking We want to better understand God through these natural acts of selflessness. However, if we use the things of the world to make God manifest, they will always fall short of His supernatural reality. This is why only Jesus’ love, and our love for Him, can make the Father manifest.

God’s love given to us through His Son Jesus activates the reality of the Father and Holy Spirit in your life. Your eyes are opened. You can see Him in His word, through your prayer time, in your life’s activity, through your times of meditation and devotion. Your ability to see God is expanded through true heartfelt worship, the penitent heart of a believer. God is more visible to us as our hearts are shattered under the pressure of our sin such that Jesus can pick up the pieces and glue it back together through His act of salvation.

Activate the Father’s love in your life simply by growing in love for Jesus. As your love for Jesus grows, your love for the Father grows. As this divine love grows in you, the world sees Him in you. This makes God manifest through you.

Let God be visible in your life. Love Him. He already loves you. Let that perfect selfless love shine through you.