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This death provided the capability for mankind to live real, complete whole life. Not only temporal existence, but a spiritual life never before experienced by man. Jesus lives.

In John 14:19-21 we find the Lord promising the disciples life is not over for them. In fact, His promise is that they will be fully and completely alive, they will live in a way that they cannot presently envision. In their lives, right then, that moment, that night, they saw life as honoring God and honoring their commitments before mankind through the heartbeat in their chest. Though the second part of that would not change, the first principle would change dramatically. From this night forward, the view of honoring God would transform from a physical building as a temple, to a personal bodily temple. Jesus is talking about an entirely new existence for mankind.
Jesus lived before man. Jesus is God. Jesus is love. Jesus is good. Jesus is righteousness. From this day forward, Jesus would instill the capability of these attributes in man by the indwelling Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My book, Knowing You Are Saved, discusses this on pages 228-230:

Those whom you see practicing righteousness must be of Christ. The word we see translated here [1 John 2:29] “doeth” does not give the actual use in this sentence justice. This phrase is constructed in such a way that the “doing” is the adjective. … indicates a continuing practice – a habit; something that marks the individual’s normal activity in life. We could say, everyone that is doing, or practicing. … John is saying, “If ye know (oida, in your heart, in your soul knowledge) that He (Jesus Christ) is righteous, ye know (ginōskō – in your mind, through experience, through learning) that every one that doeth (practices) righteousness is born of Him. (emphasis added) …This statement almost has a commonsensical flavor to it. You experience Christ’s righteousness in Christians because they are Christians. Those who have been born of Jesus Christ in faith practice or do this righteousness. In his commentary, Hiebert makes the point that the grammar here indicates a life-long effort. … Those who practice a lifetime of righteousness give others an understanding of Christ Jesus. … The overall characteristic of a life without God is still godlessness, even if there is a smattering or even a predominance of moral aptitudes, attitudes and activities.

Jesus gave His life so we could live our’s with Him, for Him, through Him, in Him. Not just Him, but the humility of Jesus also invites the Holy Spirit and ultimately does all things for the Father in Heaven by inviting Him as well. All three indwell the believer whose life then changes exponentially, dynamically, personally and experientially. Now, there is no longer just life, but a life fully alive in Christ! Our life with God indwelling us changes from a binary life, living in this body, serving in this body, to a multifaceted life to include serving from, to and through our body, our soul, our spirit, God’s spirit, God the Father and God the Son. Further, God provides all the strength, instruction, encouragement and power to accomplish His will in us. Go, live out the life Jesus died to provide you.