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Thank you for your sacrifice. We all suffer loss fighting for freedom. None more than the friend in the foxhole or family at home. It is an honor and a privilege to call you brothers in arms.

Do you know PFC Ross A. McGinnis? You should. He was attached to 1st Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment. PFC McGinnis made a decision on December 4th 2006 that saved the lives of four fellow soldiers. While patrolling in the Adhamiyah area of Baghdad, an insurgent lobbed a grenade perfectly past his gunner’s seat, down into the Humvee. As the gunner, he is to immediately evacuate out the top of the vehicle, saving his life. He had trained repeatedly for that event, always getting up and out of his position as directed. On that fated day in December, PFC McGinnis made a different decision; he chose the life of his four comrades over his own. He went down into the vehicle and laid on the grenade.

Like our Savior Jesus, PFC McGinnis lived out John 15:13 as he gave his life for his

The Holy Spirit with the Son comforts, exhorts, encourages, strengthens and loves us. What a glorious God we serve!

friends. When we think of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, consider PFC McGinnis. His choice to give his life to save his friends parallels our Lord. Consider an illustration where PFC McGinnis’ father, could somewhat parallel our heavenly Father and his mother could somewhat parallel the Holy Spirit. Father being the leader and organizer and mother being a moral guide imparting civility and compassion upon PFC McGinnis, being his moral compass. Consider a twist to this story.

How would Mr. and Mrs McGinnis’ respond if the four soldiers came to their home, desired to serve in their own way, from their own perspective, regardless Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis’ personal desires or home organization and standards. Consider that these four soldiers might not only impose themselves without invitation, but also sought to deny PFC McGinnis’ sacrifice because of peer pressure, but instead only wanted to exalt and pay homage to Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis because people accept them, but have for whatever reason turned against PFC McGinnis. How would Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis react? They would be offended, maybe even perturbed. They might possibly take legal action and seek a judgement against these soldiers to keep them off of their property and away from their home.

In the world, these soldiers would never consider this horrendous action. They would never consider denying PFC McGinnis’ sacrifice. Why then do we think just claiming to know God or seeking more of the Holy Spirit’s influence in our lives is acceptable to God. This effectively ignores the Son, Jesus. How can we shy away from His name and consider it an acceptable action. God is triune, in perfect harmony. Neither God the Son, God the Father nor God the Holy Spirit would promote themself above the other, nor would they accept our misguided or unbalanced worship.

Honor the Father. Honor the Son. Honor the Spirit of God. Honor them as scripturally appropriate taking nothing from one to promote the other.