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Jesus has been spreading God’s love throughout Judea. He has healed many, brought many to new faith in and a better understanding of Jehovah God, and pointed many to purity in life. (Jhn 9; Mat 9) Jesus has raised people from the dead. (Mat 9; Jhn 11) Jesus has comforted the ostracized. (Luk 7; 17) Jesus has been ministering throughout Judea for three years.

We remember the events surrounding Lazarus resurrection a short time ago. (Jhn 11) Remember, many attended that resurrection. People from around the area, as well as people from Jerusalem just a little less than a mile away from Bethany. There were many that came to comfort Lazarus’ family. There were many in attendance that supported Jesus, they came only to see Him. There were many that came to see Jesus’ reaction to Lazarus, these constituted mostly Pharisees, those loyal to the Sanhedrin and Sadducees.

Of these groups, we find those loyal to the religious leadership in direct opposition to Jesus to support their livelihood. We find the oppressed general populace Supporting Jesus. Therefore, those connected politically, materially or financially to the leadership, or those that see their life’s identity and dependency through the lens of material and financial success, side with the leadership. This is akin to individuals who vote for candidates that appear beneficial to their business interests as opposed to what may be more pressing national needs. This is why we vote for more secular candidates. What a parallel. The scriptures evidence and instruction of 2000 years ago is directly applicable to today.

The people flocked to Jesus because He gave them truth of a loving God that was involved in their lives. Jesus shared His loving Father with the people (Jhn 14:7; 9) They saw a loving Father in Heaven. The people knew the attitudes of their worldly leaders and that they would be exploited by them for profit. This was normal in the life of the first century. The people of the time knew what they were dealing with. They needed other hope, they needed a savior.

Jesus was brought to Jerusalem on Sunday morning the week of the passover with exaltation, pomp and circumstance. He fulfilled many scriptural prophecies in the events that we today celebrate as Palm Sunday. The Scriptures are true. Jesus is the Messiah. This final week begins this Palm Sunday.