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Throughout the entire Bible there are many threads of consistent testimony. One we find everywhere is that God will send a Redeemer, a Savior, One whom will come to forgive us our sins and save us. Another is that there are rules God sets down, there are standards He has for life, for worship, for parenthood, for our professional actions, for relationships and even for every day life. The overarching and governing expectation, the one new commandment, the standard by which this is all accomplished is love. Love born through the life of the Savior. Love exemplified in His activities on earth. Love shared by and through His life given for our eternal life. Love He showed His Father in Heaven as He submitted to all the trials, tribulations, threats, false witness, and ultimately His complete obedience to God’s will. In John 14:15 Jesus simply states a life principle for Him. He shows His love to the Father most poignantly through obedience, through the submission to His commandments.

There is not a lot to say concerning this very simple request. Jesus simply says, if you love me, keep my commandments. He does not demand your love. Jesus does not order your obedience Jesus does not put conditions on His love for us, He will love regardless. He puts no conditions on His Father’s love either, the Father loves us regardless. There are no limits to love that proceeds from God, the only limit is our returning love to Him. We can choose to obey, or not. However, what we choose does have a testimony. We speak with our actions. We’ve all heard that we can vote with our feet. The action we take shows engagement or apathy. Action shows support or neglect. To Jesus love is active, thoughtful, careful, contemplative and involved.

When we seek wisdom in God’s word and apply it to our lives, we show how we love Jesus. When we seek to implement God’s standards in our lives, we show how we love Jesus. When we share God’s love the way He shared God’s love, we show how we love Jesus. Ultimately, when we obey God’s commandments, we show our love for Him, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Do you love Jesus? Search His word, seek His commandments, implement them in your life. Show Jesus you love Him, He’s already shared His love for you through the Cross.