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One god is not about God. One god is all about self. This belief actually admits limited intellectual and spiritual abilities. It says I may not be right, so I better be inclusive. In other words, “I” don’t know what “I” believe or why “I” believe it therefore, “I” have to be inclusive.

John 14:7 has always been a challenging verse for man to submit too. Man realizes that if he truly believes, especially Jesus final phrase, then he must be somewhat dogmatic. Man does not like being dogmatic, unless he likes the dogma. Resting in the truth of God incarnate is difficult mostly because it makes us aware that God may  have standards, He may limit access to His kingdom, He may have requirements, He may not be interested in our defining Him, He may not be as open to allowing everyone before Him because of what they think individually, He may not respect our thoughts on what He might do, worst of all we might not be able to define God’s design for ourselves.

The statement, “no one comes unto the Father but by me” is definitive, final, dogmatic, absolute, unwavering, without ability to alternatively analyze or contemplate. There is only one path to God the Father, that is through the Son. There are more scriptures that tell how zealous the Father himself is about this truth.

In my book “Knowing You Are Saved,” I wrote about this verse on pages 175-186,

You can think what you want, but God is God and your thoughts about who He should be and how He should act do not change Him (Is 55:8-9). Just as we can deny truth in our lives, denying eternal truths will not affect the truth itself. This denial will however affect our lives eternally.

The fact is that God the Father wants us to focus upon His Son. Neither the Father, nor the Holy Spirit went through the trials and challenges, neither were tempted in all ways like we are, neither suffered the cross, neither left their heavenly abode to live here and experience man’s challenges. Both the Father and the Holy Spirit have great respect for the Son’s personal sacrifice from the moment He left Heaven. I also wrote about this in an article titled, “A Story.” Where people are uncomfortable with truth, they insult those whom may have to live, or have lived, through those truths. They also insult anyone honored and even saved by those truths. Where politicians take credit for the heroism of first responders is simply reprehensible. This is the same thing people do when they deny Christ to say they are God and they individually determine their entrance into Heaven or the entrance of others. (1 John 2:23)

Ultimately, man is afraid to commit because he knows he does not have all the answers. But the answers are available to us in the scriptures. They reveal God to us. God is clear, He alone makes rules for Him. Just follow them, and trust Christ to help you do so. (Matt 19:26)