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1_pet_2_9The Chosen are promised to be treated by God as the Son of God in John 13:20. Think about that. Those who believe in Jesus as their savior, believe that Jesus is God, came to earth, ministered, served, died and rose again are promised to be received by God in His Kingdom.

We face many truths in this. First, the promise provides vision to any individual’s future. Regardless how we might see our life unfolding, regardless our past sins, regardless our future sins those who seek Christ, believe in Him, trust in His salvation and rest in that salvation will be received by our heavenly Father. Those who exercise life through faith in Christ enjoy eternal life with the Father just as the Son. Those who serve in their faith will receive their reward. There are spiritual rewards for service (Rom 5:3-4; Jam 1:2-4). The gift of reward may simply be a day’s wage (Matt 20:9-16). It may be a marriage banquet (Matt 25:10). Rewards may be in wealth (Matt 25:20-23). The reward of faithful service may be authority over nations (Rev 2:26-27).

All these are wonderful rewards for faithful service. However, the most oft descried reward, the most important reward, the longest lasting and eternally effective reward is life with God the Father. We should desire rewards in Heaven.

Promises. Do you realize that God is so powerful that when He remembers, things happen. A friend of mine wrote his dissertation on divine remembrance (A Biblical Theology of Divine Remembering, Vernon Edward Myers, BJUPress, 2007). He does not have to speak, just remember. When God remembers people more often the He remembers anything else. He remembers people then forgives them (Psalm 78:38-39). In Jeremiah 2:2 we could translate the verse, “I have recalled in your favor the loyalty of your youth…” (William L. Holladay).

We have to face the fact that, if when God remembers amazing things happen, then if He speaks, more grand amazing things happen. Then, when He proclaims a promise after He remembers His scripture, even more tremendous and amazing things happen.

Here is the promise given, “He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me; and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.” If you receive Jesus, you receive the Father.

Receive Jesus, receive the Father and He will remember you, He will reward you and ultimately He will receive you in Heaven.