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Jesus washes us, and His washing is sufficient regardless what we may think. He washes us for His glory, His purposes, His loving salvation.

Jesus washes us, and His washing is sufficient regardless what we may think. He washes us for His glory, His purposes, His loving salvation.

You cannot have Jesus until you allow Him to save you where He chooses, how He chooses and when He chooses. That is hard to swallow. You ask, “Does that mean I cannot choose to be saved.” The answer is an unequivocal yes.  He puts people in your life you need. He places you in circumstances you need to experience. He organizes things throughout our small historic passing on this earth so we can best serve Him. If this challenges your spirit, are you saying you know better than God what you need? Do you know better than God what you need cleansed in your soul? Think about what you are implying. Are you being a Peter in John 13:9 saying, “…not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.” In other words, are you  self-deprecating to look pious?

I meet a lot of people. Because I am a pastor I see my share of those who give lip service to the Lord. I can often sense it, feel it. When talking to them they say something like, “The Lord is my only guide in life.” But, their actual life and testimony do not validate the statement. This is Peter. Peter is stepping out trying to say, “Jesus, you are so much greater than I am, I need far more purification than you’re giving me now.” What Jesus is saying is, unless you let Me wash you the way I know best, you cannot be washed. Further, Jesus says, the way I wash you completely washes you regardless what you may think.

Those are extremely serious charges and they vex the Holy Spirit because it calls His scripture a liar. (1 Jn 5:10) Only trusting our own counsel is foolhardy enough. On page 460 of my book, “Knowing you are saved” I explain another form of pride,

It never ceases to amaze me how much like our children we continue to be, even when we are provided better wisdom outside ourselves. I used to point out to my children how foolish their argument in understanding was, when they came home with “But Mary (or Joey, or Bobby, or Susan) said…” All Mary can relay is an equivalent childlike understanding of a concept. It does not change for some, as they grow older. Instead of seeking the truth where the best authority lies, they still ask others their opinion as if to say, “But Joe said…” Try that one on God and see how far you get. One could envision the evolutionist saying to God, “But Charles Darwin said…” Think about it folks. People all over this nation are seeking the purpose in life, the reason for living, and the origin of life. People all over this country, all over the world for that matter, are looking for the answer to eternal life. The Scriptures have that answer in Christ yet man still says his contemporary, who has never been to, and cannot qualify for Heaven, who are admittedly imperfect.

Jesus service is perfect. If we try to question it, gather more of it, modify it or in some way manage it we are saying we do not trust Him to care for our soul, our salvation, our spiritual needs. We’re saying, we know best regardless what Jesus thinks. We’re not submitting to Him, His decisions, His ideas, His vision, His plans for our lives to serve Him. We’re saying Jesus is not God, He is not perfect, He is not worthy of my trust. We’re saying, we do not believe in Him. Don’t remain a spiritual child. Mature in Christ by releasing control to Him.