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In the beginning the Father, Son and Holy Spirit worked together to execute the Father's plans.

In the beginning the Father, Son and Holy Spirit worked together to execute the Father’s plans.

Our Road to Christmas involves planning, announcements, prophecy and the event itself. Over the next few weeks we will consider these things. This week, we consider planning.

God is not a God of confusion, but of peace (1 Cor 14:33). Peace is more prevalent in organization where there is good planning and consistency. Chaos develops from a lack of planning and regular impromptu responses. For this reason and many others, our origin cannot be born from the confusion of evolutionary theory.

When we consider the multiplistic complexity and variety of God’s creation, the overall vastly differing organisms that exist on earth from plant life through aquatic life and even human life we must face the fact that it took great planning. This does not even count the many different cosmic formations, clouds of stars, variety of stars, planets and solar systems and the many different formations of those stars. With this vastly complex and interconnected system, planning had to take place for God’s creation.

This is no different when we consider salvation. God knew everyone from before  the beginning (Eph 1:4). If He already knew then, before He created anything, He had to plan for redemption of mankind. He knew the evil of this very day. He knew the evil you contemplate in your heart this second. He knew what you would do yesterday. God knew all these things and especially that you had to have a Savior.

God had to plan this, and knowing that this was a plan, He also knew that the earlier the redeemer is introduced or shared with mankind, the more credibility He would have when His appearance finally materialized. God planned to share in the beginning that the Redeemer would participate in the creation where we find Jesus being the creator and God the Father being the organizer, planner and developer and the Holy Spirit being the inspector (Gen 1:2; Col 1:15-18).

Before time, God had a plan. Before the space or material were created, God had a plan. Before the light, before the firmament, before the waters, before the birds and animals and insects; before man was formed before anything at all was done, God planned and organized. God planned for you. God planned for me. God wanted you and He wanted me. God, an eternity of years ago considered what He wanted to do for you and He chose to provide a Savior and to introduce that Savior to you, to open your heart to Him, finally to give you the faith to exercise to believe in Him. God’s plan from the beginning was to save you.

Can I encourage you that if you do not know Jesus as your personal savior, you may consider seeking Him today, listening to Him today, and trusting His salvation today. Seek the Lord while He may be found. God planned for this from the beginning. Trust God’s plan for your life.