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Jesus lived in the cradle of His Father's words. He used His Fathers words to thwart Satan. Why would He want to use any other words.

Jesus lived in the cradle of His Father’s words. He used His Fathers words to thwart Satan. Why would He want to use any other words.

Just what the Father said to say. How often have we thought it deplorable if we are not only told what to say, but also how to say it? So many of us despise being micromanaged. When we read passages such as John 12:49-50 we may think God is a micromanager. He is in some ways. He will be if you let Him. He will also arrange things to fulfill His will, with or without our cooperation. However, He will take control in your life to the level which you invite Him to do so.

John 5:30 tells us Jesus is always directly connected to the Father, completely submitted to Him and always doing only His will. In this submissive state, perfectly connected to the Father, not only will Jesus only do what God asks, He is submitted to doing it exactly how it is asked of Him. Jesus’ complete submission to the Father’s will includes complete control of His body, of His words, of His thoughts, of His very person, Jesus even commits his unique existence on earth, whether life or death.

We too wish to be this close to the Father, and you can be. It’s not easy. You will suffer through the things Jesus suffered through. There will be disappointment, challenge, temptation, persecution and more. There will also be joy, contentment, power, holiness, goodness, love, Life eternal  and so much more.

There is always great trial to achieve great success. What we define as success is always the challenge. Do we define success as a certain level of financial independence? Do we define it in personal achievement? Is it the mountain we climbed, the cliff face we scaled, a professional achievement or even some kind of successful invention? Alternatively do we count our success as something God defines for us whether our society, community, nation or neighbor sees the greatness.

Above all, we must be content to do God’s will regardless what we may see in our contemporaries. It is hard to face the fact that at times, though people surrounding us may see things and help often, they can be inappropriately focused in their horizontal plane; we should be attuned to and submitted to listen. It is especially important when your counsel is talking about eternal or heavenly things but you are talking about the world’s things. So many times we quiet godly counsel because of our own personal baggage, pride or stubbornness. I was once told by someone that they had had many people try to advise them, but it was unnecessary because their personal spirituality was so perfect they were always right. Pastors pray the hardest for these folks. When their heart adjustment comes it’s usually very severe.

Don’t close your counsel off. Only Christ is that perfect. Get in touch with Christ, but make humility not piety your guide. He loves you. He asks that you love Him through obedience. (Jhn 14:15)