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Scripture speaks of God, Jesus points us to those scriptures as He listens to the Father through them.

Scripture speaks of God, Jesus points us to those scriptures as He listens to the Father through them.

Isaiah 6:8-9 record a vision he had where God is receiving worship from angelic beings that appear to be on fire. We can picture what he describes. God gives him a glimpse of Heaven and he sees angelic beings. These beings, called seraphims like God himself, are spirit. Scripture tells us to worship in spirit and in truth. (Jhn 4:23) The perfect worship we can give is exactly the same, in spirit.

Isaiah sees these spiritual beings as fiery. They are what we might see as brilliant specters. We’ve seen depictions of ghosts and the imagination of man. I believe we can extrapolate a little and see that instead of flowing garment like smoky appendages, we see brilliant light emanating from these creatures.

Light contains all the colors and more that you might see in fire. Seeing light projecting from these beings could describe more yellows and reds with a smattering of blues than any white that we normally see on television.

We should note that Isaiah’s mouth had to be purified. Isaiah saw the tool used to purify his lips and it appeared as a coal. The seraphim could not pick it up himself, he had to use a tool to do so. God promised not to purify with water, but to purify with fire (Mal 3:3). God tells Isaiah to go and tell his people. Another aspect of this is that they will hear and see, but not understand.

How often we hear things from the pastor and see things happen, as well as see God’s direct intervention, or even what seems antipathy to us, and we question what Jesus is doing. We are not privy to everything in order to make judgments concerning the things of God. We are seldom in possession of most let alone all the information, and we often consider things in a light that would best suit us. We should also understand that it is a normal thing. It is not so much a condemnation but an admission of our position before an omnipotent God.

What we should learn from this is humility. We must face that we don’t know everything. We should not be judgmental. We should not be making decisions about others motivations. We should not be placing ourselves in God’s position where we presume to know everything.

We should side on God’s standards, we should stand for His truth, we should be unashamed for Him and His requirements for holiness. We should strive all the more to rest in Christ’s provision for our salvation while seeking His strength for purity. God is good, love and just. Trust in Him. Isaiah saw fiery angelic beings in God’s Heaven. We are flesh bound worldly beings on earth.