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JesusOnCross_013In John 12:31-34 we find God the Father’s plan for Satan. Our Lord Jesus clearly shares with all those present, believers, those on the fence and unbelievers as well as complicit tools of Satan. They falsely accuse Him, belittle Him and enslave the people to ritual, pomp and circumstance.

God’s means of destroying Satan’s power is to lift up His Son. The Cross of Christ spans the chasm between man and God. Regardless the depth or breadth of the span, the Cross has completed  the stretch. The miracle of the cross is that it molds it’s span to each individual.

Some are simply given to fear mankind, fearful of discussing the things of God, fearful to use what is given for His glory. Some simply do not believe. They deny the testimony of the Word of God, they vex the Holy Spirit by denying His testimony in the scriptures. They make God a liar. Some are simply immoral, wicked. They have no conscience and no compunction. Some murder and kill people verbally or physically. Some do so with impunity. Others have simply, maybe unwittingly committed this sin. Some are whoremongers. They are given to their sexual deviancy and desire. Some are sorcerers. They believe in the dark powers of magic and wizardry. The spiritualist focused on the shadowy darkness of Satan. Some are idolaters who worship things, material belongings. They replace god with objects, possessions, passions, ideas or anything other than the God of the universe. Some are simply liars. They have lied once, or they lie continually.

The span  of the cross covers any one or all of these sins. The span of the cross covers simple doubt as Eve doubted the Father, to gross sins of sexual deviancy such as adultery, licentiousness, homosexuality and lesbianism. Though we should point out that all sin, whether simple doubt or even complete debauchery are the same to God. The simplest sin disqualifies one from entrance into God’s Kingdom just as much as the most complex, what we might call egregious.

Satan’s kingdom is dominated by hate, hubris, anger, death, destruction and darkness. All this is destroyed by Christ as His love provides the motivation to save us. His humility provides the example for our salvation. His long suffering provides for the patience needed in the face of our stubbornness. His provision of eternal life eliminates the fear of death for man. His reconstruction of God’s temple within each one of us answers the destruction wrought by Satan. Jesus is light, God is light and their light dispels darkness, exposes evil and draws godliness.

All men come to this light either to deny it or fight  against it. Their response is determined by the Lord’s call. How will you respond?