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Forgive me for getting this out late.

I like this pic.

I like this pic.

You know, I never had one. He left right around my birth. The truth is still fuzzy to me. It was either just before or a few months after.

I’m mindful that regardless their faults and foibles, my own son and son-in-law are both with their families, they have not left them. For that, I am grateful.

I think back to when my wife and I were discussing the possibility of a third child, I was apprehensive. I did not know the Lord at the time. I wondered if I would be like my father. I wondered if the desire to flee was within me. I wondered what would overpower me. I wondered.

Now, today I am blessed beyond belief. I have a son who has dedicated himself to serving others in a multitude of ways. He has always jumped out to lend a hand. Today, he provides 4 or 5 other men jobs for their families, as he provides for his.

I have a son in law who works hard to be a good, solid protective father and husband. Though sometimes barely able to walk, he never gives up (sometimes to our collective chagrin).

To both of you I ask this; always listen, never shut down discussion, open your ears, your hearts, and expose your soul to your children. Let them see your love for them, and let them express theirs for you. We have to remember that love, in it’s deepest expression, is wrought out in trust, open your hand to release your children as much and sometimes more than you close it to hold them under your protection.

To my son Leigh… I know you can and will be a good father. Your time will come. Take all the best lessons from your life, all the joyful things, all the things that make you stronger, the things that test you and use them as positive lessons for the children you are blessed to rear.

I love you all. You have and continue to help me grow. I see my sanctification more clearly as my testimony is born out in our relationships, both failures and successes.

To my Savior, thank you for this wonderful privilege of fatherhood. I do pray your forgiveness for all my failures. There have been many, but there have been some successes too. To my friends, may you have a wonderful father’s day!