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This is the what it is about.

This is the what it is about.

The passage in John 12:27-36 is very telling about the character of Christ. Throughout the passage Jesus continually points outward. He says, it is not about Me, it is about my Father, it is about you. We can learn much from our Savior here.

First, it is not about Him, it is about the Father. Jesus humble obedience to the Father’s plan and to give his full attention to the things that are productive for the Father. This focus remains in Him regardless His personal feelings, His thoughts, His desires, His best judgement. In verse 27 we find our Lords’ first plea with the Father to make a different decision, is there any other way, do I absolutely have to go through this, is there something else we can do. At the end of the verse is the resignation, “but for this cause came I unto this hour.” Jesus whole purpose, the only reason He came to earth, the cause of His departure from Heaven was for this very moment in time, these very things. To honor and glorify the Father, Jesus has no other purpose than to fulfill His will.

Second, we learn that the Father as much as the Son is deeply committed to testify to the people, to give them the opportunity for eternal life, to share with them His hope that they could accept the gift. Verse 30 clearly shares that the thunderous announcement from the Father in verse 28 was for the people to hear, not to glorify Jesus. God the Father from Heaven announced His intention to glorify the hour of Jesus sacrifice. This is a testimony such that the people would know God the Father is equally committed to the people.

In verse 31, we again see another side of this testimony – that Jesus crucifixion and death, His atonement is judgement, is condemnation, is a testimony of man’s depravity. We need this sacrifice. It is not going to be roses and chocolates, it is going to be painful, challenging, troublesome and we will know what we deserve. It shows man’s true position before God, condemned. It shows man’s need to change that position. We have need of Christ’s sacrifice for salvation, justification and ultimately glorification. It tells us we can do nothing, it must all be done by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

We also see in verse 31 that Satan will be judged. He will not bet away with his childish antics. A day will come when he will be permanently cast out of Heaven. We are therefore warned, not to follow things of the world where Satan dominates, but seek the things of Heaven where our triune God is glorified.

Seek godliness not worldliness. Jesus death condemns the world. Rest in His righteous sacrifice and atonement. His salvation sets you free! Grasp that freedom with the greatest gusto and glorify Jesus as He glorified the Father!