The honor is all his. He'll tell you. All you need to is ask.

The honor is all his. He’ll tell you. All you need to is ask.

I am a proud veteran. I believe that every life lost on the battle field, every single individual who gave their full measure of devotion to preserve liberty in America resulted in at least two things. First, their sacrifice preserved the lives other comrades in arms. Whether intentionally or through the unfortunate circumstances of the engagement, every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine lost on the battle field died fighting. Second, their lives preserved our liberty, regardless what we may think of any one engagement or overall deployment. Each life lost on the field demonstrates our resolve to preserve our way of life, living free to be what and who our deepest desires and spiritual devotions drive us to be. It does make ministry a little difficult living in a country that strives for sovereignty not only at the national level, but down to the very individual. That independent spirit is especially strong in the west where every day each rancher must make decisions that can mean the life or death of an animal, or even their own livelihood. So many in highly populated metropolitan areas have no concept of this life. Equally, so many will never understand what it means to serve along side another, to them one is simply a military person in a foreign land getting paid for what they do, paid to take the risks they take, paid to do a job. To many, it is about that paycheck. To us it is much much more.

Tomorrow is memorial day. We go to monuments to honor those fallen. While there, we should also consider One who gave Himself once for all (1 John 2:2). The liberty provided through Christ’s voluntary atonement is not for a person, not for a people, not for a group or a denomination. This spiritual liberty is about complete freedom, not just for national identification. It is not a freedom born only to protect our inner most desires. It is not a freedom provided for our personal use. It is a freedom born of God, by God and for God. We are freed from the shackles of the worlds whiles in order to promote godliness, promote goodness, promote love and above all promote the salvation of Christ Jesus that provided these liberties.

Ladies and gentlemen, when we wonder why the challenges we see in our world happen, when we see pain, suffering, destruction and death we should see them through scriptures perspective. On Memorial Day the most poignant parallel is our Lord’s sacrifice on the cross at Calvary. Throughout time one sacrifices for another’s liberty, even if it is simple life. Christ’s sacrifice stretches past this life and into the next. When you think about memorial day, think about the one memorial for all mankind. Think about the cross, think about the one soldier who gave His life for all mankind. Think about Jesus. He thought about you.