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This cave has been reinforced because 2000 years does damage.

This cave has been reinforced because 2000 years does damage.

When many consider the resurrection of Lazarus, they see the confirmation of Jesus deity. (Jhn 11:38-44) This even proves His power over life and death. That is unquestionable . To this minister, the question of His deity was resolved when He alone can forgive my sins. (Luk 5:21) We think people today are skeptical about the supernatural. Apparently, people in Jesus day were very cautious as well. He seems to have performed many, many miracles and yet people did not believe. What else can we determine though when Jesus himself said, “…if they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.” (Luk 16:31)

What did Jesus think as He walked up to Lazarus’ tomb? We don’t know. We do know that He groaned again. This is a description of an audible exhalation through His nose. This groan was not like John 11:35 where He wept, this was much like an exhalation of air through the nostrils while developing a slight growl in His throat that sounded like a groan. And He had done this somewhere before.

Jesus approaches death with life. Does He groan because this will come to an end and His spirit is challenged that He has to face death? Does He groan as He thinks about the faithless among the gathered and that their faith, though not a saving faith will be bolstered. Does He groan to think of the hardened hearts around Him that will never believe, that He knows are scheming to kill Him. When Jesus sees the stone on the cave-tomb does He groan in anger at the choices made that brought this upon people. The choices of Adam and Eve brought this on mankind. The choices of so many around Him furthered their error. The selfishness, the irreverence, the pride that the pious thought they could develop wealth from running a religious business instead of opening the temple to the people to worship the Creator, the Savior of Israel.

Why does Jesus groan before the tomb. Surely He is not upset about raising Lazarus. This is a dear friend, and a dear friend to the other apostles. Or is it as we noted, that Jesus knows He’s ripping Lazarus from Heaven to do this.

Why Jesus groans is unknown. That He does is fact. The groan is not pain, it is not necessarily a result of emotional turmoil. Jesus could very well be envisioning His demise not just a few weeks away. Our Savior knows He must go to the cross. He knows the pain and suffering He must endure. He knows He will die and be entombed. Knowing these things, seeing this rock covered tomb, Jesus groans. Is this the first time He contemplates asking the Father to take the cup from Him? Praise Jesus He fulfilled every command of the Father. Jesus is God. He forgave all our sins. Christian, live free from the tomb’s grip of sin through Jesus.