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If you really do believe, you will spend much time like this, in prayer, in the word.

If you really do believe, you will spend much time like this, in prayer, in the word.

This is a real question we all have to answer. I know, should the pastor be asking you to question your faith? It’s not bad to ask it. Jesus asked Martha in John 11:26. Today, we will not so much question your faith as we will consider its depth. In Matthew 14:22-31 Peter’s faith is tested by the Lord and literally, its depth is displayed. Where Jesus calls Peter to Him over the water on the sea of Galilee. Peter at first walks in pure faith across the water to our Lord. Then, he allows the events surrounding him to capture his attention and influence his faith. Peter begins to sink. Jesus reaches out to him and, taking Peter’s hand, lifts him up.

Some would say Peter believed, and he did. There are challenges that he overcame to exercise this faith. He was not paralyzed and immobile. Peter’s faith was active as all true faith is. Peter stepped out of a perfectly good boat, the only real visible physical salvation available to him and onto water that was churning in a storm. He was probably in a zone. Peter probably had tunnel vision for Christ as the scripture says Peter walked on water, but then he saw the wind and churning seas and he became afraid and began to sink.

Belief is active, just as Peter’s was. It will produce things, it sets feet moving, it gets hands working, it gets one’s mind churning. It got Peter out of the boat. Belief sets one to prayer. It sets one’s jaw firmly as it did for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Belief or, we could say, faith does not always expect its perceived solution. Daniel 3:16-18 tells us how faith is laid out.

We do not have to explain our faith to others. These three men of God told Nebuchadnezzar “we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.” We don’t have to explain ourselves to you. It may sound arrogant, but it is simply dedication to God. It is to God whom they answer, not man. The King should understand it as he understood Daniel’s faith. Second, they understood their salvation may not be displayed on the earth, saving them from the furnace, but in Heaven with the Lord. God is able to deliver us in our faith, it is His choice as to how. He may choose to deliver us from the fiery furnace or the King’s hand. Either way He will deliver us.

Christian, do you believe? Do you believe you could walk on water like Peter? Do you believe you could be preserved through such a heat that would consume others standing near you? Do you believe He can resurrect you if He so chooses?

If you fear anything, anything, then you will sink in the water, you will feel the heat of the furnace around you. Believing is not a simple endeavor. In all cases, it sets us outside our comfort zone. It challenges us to rest in Christ regardless our surroundings, or understanding. It presses us past this world into a supernatural existence. We often have to ask ourselves, “Do you believe?” on a minute to minute basis. An honest and deeply abiding affirmative answer is as hard today as it was yesterday. It does not necessarily get easier. Real faith produces action. Believe and serve.