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God, though knowing the events have not transpired on earth, sees events as accomplished because He will fulfill His commitments perfectly. This includes there resurrection of Lazarus, himself and you!

God, though knowing the events have not transpired on earth, sees events as accomplished because He will fulfill His commitments perfectly. This includes there resurrection of Lazarus, himself and you!

Resurrection, the word we use to discuss the amazing promise of our Savior comes from the ancient Latin word “resugere” which means “to rise again.” Later, the Latin language metamorphosed to “resurrectio.” The English word resurgence can be tied to this word. In John 11:25 Jesus tells us He is the resurrection. The word Jesus uses is “anastasis.” It is made from the verb “anistami” which means to arise, or rise again.

Jesus says, “I AM the resurrection and the life.” The great I AM has spoken and He is “the resurrection” not a resurrection, not a resurgence, but “the resurrection. The “I AM” is the one who will arise and the one who will raise believers up. Further, Jesus IS the resurrection. He exists as THE resurrection. Jesus is God, God is love, God is good, God is life, God is just, God is all-powerful, God is omniscient and God is resurrection. Jesus’ character and existence exemplify these attributes. God is all of these things perfectly 100% of the time.

When we see Jesus, we must look at the Savior as life. Life in John 11:25 is a physical life, a productive time in our existence on our earth. This is opposed to those who might die, those that are no longer among the living on the earth. Those who are dead in Christ are unproductive and out of communion for/with God. Life is a life that walks, talks, communicates and encourages. This life is vibrant and functional. This life is provided by Jesus, God of the universe. Life on earth among the living is to be born out in a glory unto God (Col 1:16).

One might ask, is resurrection so powerful an event that it coalesces all motivation to honor God in the provider, the receiver or the witnesses? Luke 16:31 tells us that if those living do not believe the word of God, the scriptures, then they would not be persuaded through a resurrection. This attitude seems equally present in Matthew 27:52-53 where Jesus’ resurrection opened many graves. The people in them arose and went into Jerusalem and appeared to the living. However, there is no scripture describing mass conversions to Christ from Judaism. The only evidence is that the provider and the receiver do dedicate themselves to the giver of life. Witnesses remain ambivalent. They might oooooh and ahhhhh, they would rejoice in receiving Lazarus back to the world of the living in John 11:44. However, in this case, were Jesus is in their physical presence they believe. We very much see man’s temporal identification where seeing a physical being raised by another physical being is impactful. If Lazarus in Luke 16 arose, it would be an act of God, but man would not look up for the origination of life. Man would look out and down. What man has done this. If not man, Satan is trying to trick us.

There is a further and even more inspiring message in John 11:25-26. Jesus tells Martha, “he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live…And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.” To Jesus it is not as much about Lazarus’s life on earth, but that He shall never die – never bodily or spiritually die. The word for “die” can be used literally as physical death and metaphorically for spiritual death. If we apply this to other testimony in scripture that those who accept Christ can never be taken from Him (Jn 10:28) and those written in the book of life can never be removed (Rev 3:5), as well as God already knows whom will be saved (2 Thes 2:13) we see that God’s perspective is always eternal. Though cognizant of the present for us and very intimately involved with our lives effecting our current and limited perspective. But He wants us to keep an eternal perspective. We live in a hope of the resurrection, an eternal perspective. In John 11:25-26 He is not only trying to give Martha and us an eternal perspective spiritually, but physically, and not to look at it from how it affects our thoughts, but how God himself sees it. Think about it. If you are saved, God chose you for His kingdom, your name is written in the book of life, it cannot be removed and you cannot be taken from His hand. From God’s perspective, He already sees you in glory with Him. He can see the very conversations you will have. He sees you walking and talking with Him in His kingdom. God keeps His promises perfectly. From His perspective, once He promises it is finished. There is no greater hope than that for mankind. That God himself sees your eternal life as a fait accompli. He IS THE resurrection and THE life.

God is life, not Satan and certainly not man. God is the resurrection not Satan, not man. Rest in Jesus who provides life and life more abundantly! Rest in God’s promises of your eternal life that He sees as already fulfilled.