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We find Marta discovering where reality and faith meet when Jesus resurrects Lazarus.

We find Marta discovering where reality and faith meet when Jesus resurrects Lazarus.

It is much like us to live a minimized life compared to our verbal claims. This is true in many aspects of life, but it is especially true with respect to our faith. We often say we believe in the resurrection, but when great challenge comes many falter. The wobble is many times not perceptive. For instance, church services. Many like the entertainment factor being brought into church. After all, how else will we have people come in today’s society? Why not trust God to do His will even to the point of closing a ministry then judging a community like unto Canaan for their hatred of God! That is sad, but it is true. Those whom are not accepted in a town are to brush off the dust from their feet and move on (Matt 10:14; Mar 6:11; Lk 9:5). The Apostles did exactly that in Acts 13:51. I believe that we could count their ministries as successful in Acts.

But Job had a wholly different view from most who claim Christ today. Not only did Job claim to believe, and worship through struggle, he stated emphatically in Job 19:23-29 that he knew he would see God the father with his own eyes. He documents his confidence in the Redeemer’s power to resurrect. Job, living through horrid depravity, wicked judgement by Satan, terrible physical pain and emotional distress states emphatically he still rests in God.

What we find today more often than not is what I call “Reality Faith.”  It is a faith that we let other see not through our actions, but through the prism of life we let others see, through our words, through our public life and public face. This is a faith that is not deep, but prima facie. Some say we are not permitted to challenge that faith, to challenge the claims of others in Christ. Yet others (many times those very same people) attempt to destroy the faith through argument, doubt and accusation.

What one might ask is, what kind of faith did Martha exhibit in John 11 with respect to Lazarus in verses 20-25? Was her faith superficial or was it as deep as Job? We have to say yes to both. She, like Job, believed in the resurrection and states so emphatically. She had a deep faith. However, she pulled up short in thinking Jesus would or maybe could resurrect Lazarus. She knew God would do it if Jesus asked, but she did not necessarily believe that Jesus would ask. After all, she felt she notified Him in time to get to Lazarus. Or, maybe she knew that Jesus cured the Centurion’s servant from a distance. Certainly she would have heard of this event if she was not present.

How many times have you had a Martha moment where you knew God could do something but you didn’t really believe He would. Then, amazingly you are humbled in your thoughts and prayers and with His great love and power. Walking with Him, basking in His amazing love and power and resting in His decisions are the real marks of true faith. Rest in your faith.