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Jesus felt the full pressure of man's sin upon Him. He felt the full pressure of God's judgment for us upon Him. He felt the full pressure of man's helplessness. Is there a wonder why He was a man of sorrows? (Is 53:3)

Jesus felt the full pressure of man’s sin upon Him. He felt the full pressure of God’s judgment for us upon Him. He felt the full pressure of man’s helplessness. Is there a wonder why He was a man of sorrows? (Is 53:3)

One of the most striking truths of our Savior is that He is a man just as any man. When in the garden, He is clearly distressed over the pain and suffering He knows is coming. He prays so hard sweat pours from Him as great drops of blood. He asks repeatedly that God remove this task from Him (Luke 22:39-46). We forget the temptations of Satan were first the desire to survive, a need for food. Then the desire for power, the arrogance of dominating kingship. This was done first to become a god over Jerusalem, the primer city of God, then over the world as a temporal ruler, a tyrannical master of the world. Those are the three great temptations. Is there any wonder we see history repeated in secular leadership that attempts to wrestle power from its rightful place in the people unto themselves personally as a king. We also see this hubris in the warlords of the Middle East as they vie for power to control their areas and expand that control. All these efforts display failures in humanity, not successes.

We should never forget our Lord’s dedication to the Father is not without challenge. He was tempted in all ways as man (Heb 4:15). Some of the greatest tests come as He is challenged as a man. As God, He already owns everything, it is all His. He can also do anything He wants with these materials, He is unquestionably in control.

John 11 documents the resurrection of Lazarus and the circumstances surrounding this resurrection. As God, Jesus could simply see that Lazarus died for His glory and could simply wait patiently to resurrect him having known full well that He created everything out of nothing. He can balance His perfect love with His perfect will. As a man, Jesus has to pray, has to walk subject to the limitations of mankind (Phil 2:1-8). He knows that this is done for the Father’s glory, but as a man resurrection has never been done before. He has never resurrected anyone even though He knows He is the resurrection and the life, and He says so. Still, faith, walk, words and actions must all be born in a temporal world of darkness and questionable life. Life is very tenuous and fragile and especially in the first century without any of the creature comforts we enjoy today. No electricity, primitive medicine, living day by day sometimes meal by meal. Equally, Jesus has lived, hungered, thirsted, hurt, ached and pained with His dear friends. He has walked in trenches of faith, been fired upon by Satan’s darts of doubt and suffers each day in this darkness with the people of the world. He cannot help but have compassion on them and now knows why the angels look upon people that walk in faith and wonder at their ability to do so (1 Pet 1:12).

There is no wonder that Jesus has deep feelings for Lazarus, Mary and Martha regardless the plan and His deity. He has lived with them, with their people, with their struggles, with their pains, with their grief and much much more. He has seen death torment the heart of man and understands Satan’s power in it. Jesus is 100% man and knows it.