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This year’s theme is “Be His Light.” One should ask what we find in God’s light. What is there that we should be? Is it a new existence? Is it simply an attitude? What is “His Light.”

We might consider Genesis 1 where God said, “Let there be light.” Is that the light? What is that light? There were no stars, no sun, there was still nothing except space and materials floating in that space.  This light has always been troublesome for man to explain. Is this the light we are to become?

We know this, inside that light were all the materials needed for His creation. With the introduction of light, these materials can begin to interact when properly combined. I believe this is one aspect of being God’s light, having the materials within us (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) to do His will, to do His work, to become His light.

Inside God’s light were other things. We find His creation and examples of His amazing love. His creation shows amazing variety. The craftsmanship, the imagination and the artistry displayed are unparalleled. When we are in God’s light, we have access to that power and intellect, that creativity and imagination. Consider that vast ability as opposed to what we regularly see in the world’s view, permitting our children to explore their personal creativity. We should be encouraging them to explore God’s creativity which is holy and limitless.

Inside God’s light we also find a number of things that the world misses. We find love, humility, selflessness and sacrifice. Being in God’s light not only gives us His great creative power, but we also find His amazing abilities to care for others. Where we were cynical, we find understanding. Where we are hatful, we find compassion. Where we are sad or downtrodden, we find joy and happiness. Where our hearts are in tumult, we find peace.

To be God’s light we too should be these things. We become love, humility, selflessness, creative, understanding, compassionate, joyful and filled with His peace regardless of our circumstance.

To be God’s light, we project these things to others, others must see us as images of God’s light. I know I have some work to do. I have to become more joyful, more understanding, more loving and peaceful. We always balance these changes with the truth of God. Paul was all things to all men, but he never compromised doctrine, never compromised God’s holiness.

Be God’s light and find limitless godliness and christlikeness to emulate in your life. Be God’s light and shine a beacon of godliness in this darkness.