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The darkness of the world needs your light Christian.

The darkness of the world needs your light Christian.

Christians are challenged more and more frequently today to just shut up! All too frequently we are told our faith is our own business, it has nothing to do with others. Our faith should never be shared with others. Other people should never be exposed to our faith. We should know that this is simply the latest tactic Satan has employed through His minions in the spiritual war the Christian engages in every day. Satan wants to shroud the light, he cannot stand its brilliance, the purity, and especially what that light stands for, the God of the universe. Like a Scrooge unable to withstand the brilliance emanating from Ghost of Christmas Past and the pure testimony of Scrooge’s sad personal history, Satan is reminded of his empty arrogance in the light of a Christian testimony. Consider every unbeliever in a parallel with Scrooge, attempting to quiet the pure light of the Holy Spirit that shines upon their darkest moments, exposing their prideful self, their personal quests for fulfilling desires and life, a quest which will never be satisified. Above all Christian light exposes the gaping hole those desires cannot fill. Every Christian is a light the world cannot stand. Every Christian’s light makes sin and godlessness manifest in the unbeliever. Being the light means you expose the things unseen in others. (2 Cor 4:1-6)

There are two responses the lost have, one more frequent than the other. The unbeliever will most frequently rebel, at times become irrationally defensive and evasive. The least frequent, but certainly the most exciting is when someone bows their head and admits their spiritual failure, humbly recognizing the separation between them and God. We pray for the least frequent one, but we grow in faith and steel our resolve for the far more frequent response.

Being His light is neither a simple nor inconsequential proposition. It is separating ones self from all that which is around you, dedicating oneself wholly unto the Lord. The world understands all or nothing, idealistic dedication. Many deny they practice this ideology, the ends justify the means. However, the lost exercise it in their respective livelihood. It takes shape in a variety of forms whether it is a dedication to apathy for spiritual endeavors, or personal efforts to quiet the testimony of anyone they disagree with. This is their darkness attempting to shroud the Christian light.

Believer, you must love, you must have great compassion, we all must realize that Christ died for the least of as well as the greatest of the saints. Christ died for His own enemies as they crucified Him on the cross. We have no excuse but to share this love, we have no other response but to share the pure light of Christ with the world. That is the greatest display of love we can possibly display, His light in you. You become God’s initial grace (Eph 2:8). Be His light!