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From the least to the most gifted kings, Jesus came for all as a simple  helpless babe of no position.

From the least to the most gifted kings, Jesus came for all as a simple helpless babe of no position.

Jesus, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the God of the universe humbled himself. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. (Phil 2:5) He left a place where He was clothed in righteousness and arrived with no clothing. He left a place with perfect atmosphere and temperature and arrived wet and in the bare cold of an open stable. He left a place He could rest (the very place He rested on the seventh day), be comfortable, perfectly content in all ways, to be squeezed through the birth canal, have to scream to gather His first breath, and brought into a world of pain, suffering, cold, darkness and temptation.

I think about the Christ child often. I think about God’s plan from the beginning. I think about Him knowing every detail of that plan. I think about God’s omnipotence. Finally, I think about the ultimate in humility, that God became a helpless baby. When I think about abortion today, I wonder…

I have often challenged our people to consider the depth of humility God endeavored in order to just come here, let alone further subjecting himself to childhood, and teen-hood! Think about ALL the challenges you have experienced in life and apply them to Christ remembering Hebrews 4:15. Add to your personal experience, the challenges others have had of which you know. Hebrews 4:15 does not say “sinful” but “tempted.” Every temptation for sin that man experiences, every opportunity for every individual to create their own problems (most of us do that). Jesus grew up as a child, then lived as a youngster, as a teen, as a young adult, as an adult and as a minister on earth all the time being tempted in every way one could be tempted. Think broadly and deeply about the number, depth and breadth of those temptations.

I think about Jesus as a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes (we know this as a very thin blanket used to enfold the child for comfort not warmth). He was God from birth and never sinned. He never cried unnecessarily. He never fussed unnecessarily. He never sinned whether infant or adult.

Jesus fought here on earth every day to thwart temptation, to remain sinless. While we celebrate the beginning of this herculean effort of the Savior, remember the Babe. This beautiful child. Born innocent, sinless, pure and thrown into a world filled with political dominance, totalitarianism, fear, cold, carelessness and false piety.

Is His salvation of your soul worth giving up an imperfect life on earth? All we can do is try to make His sacrifice valuable from the first day forward after our acceptance of Christ. I know I fail at that effort every day. I beg God’s loving mercy every day in my failure. He came then for you, you can live now for Him.