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Other_sheepDo you know every individual God has chosen for salvation (2 Tim 2:13)? Do you know whom will be saved through your testimony in Christ Jesus?  Of course we do not. None of us can claim this knowledge. First, we have a finite life, perspective, sphere of influence and knowledge as well as being limited by energy and time each day. (Ps 103:15-16; 1 Pet 1:24) Second, our choices would not be based upon the same qualifications, markers, characteristics, abilities or tests that God uses to determine and cultivate believers. (Mk 10:17-22) Third, we have no influence over God or His Kingdom. (Job 35:6-8) Any influence we claim is pure hubris and a fantasy mankind has developed to justify his life and existence.

With just a few facts established, we can somewhat understand the depth and breadth of John 10:16 where Jesus says,

“And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:”

Jesus certainly does not identify who or where His other sheep are, He does not send others for them, but claims responsibility of retrieve them himself.  Jesus, through other believers must bring them. Jesus also makes another statement,

“They shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd”

With the mind of man and his natural enmity toward God, even those not chosen will respond (Rom 8:7). Some will dress themselves in an attempt to enter the sheep fold as wolves. Others will arrogantly assume leadership roles not given them by Christ, trying to lead the sheep without being placed in leadership by Christ. (Matt 7:15; Acts 20:29) These are ravenous wolves.

Find a good under-shepherd that seeks guidance from Christ and His Word forsaking the worldly philosophies of man. Find a sheepfold that encourages knowledge and understanding of God’s word.Believers in Christ will hear His voice. The truth is inevitable. All those called by Christ to His salvation and sanctification will respond to Him. If you have responded in faith to Christ’s call, you are chosen. Rest in His choice and honor it.