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john-10-14-638Man desires attention be brought to himself. A large challenge for any minister is pride, hubris, aggrandizement. Robbers and thieves of today take many different forms and shapes. The arrogance of one calling themselves a minister of Christ that demands individuals confess sins to them so they can issue tasks (cleansing, washing, praying) and claim they helped individuals be purified of their sins. Individuals who develop doctrines to support their religions that are absent the scriptures, fictitious places not included in scripture where people’s spirits can work off their penance. They steal the joy of salvation and kill the blessings of eternal life through Christ. They are the embodiment of those thieves and robbers in John 10:10.

Robbers and thieves say you have to accomplish something, you have to achieve something, you have to go through some ritual, you have to implement some doctrines, or adhere to the Old Testament’s rigid legalism. Robbers and thieves steal, kill and seek to destroy faith in Christ and His sole sufficiency for salvation and livelihood both eternally and temporarily (Col 1:17).

Robbers and thieves demand people conduct pilgrimages, go on missions to fulfill some denominational requirement or commit some doxology to memory. These robbers demand rituals and wear fine robes to elevate themselves or promote their religious organization as the way to salvation, claiming to hold the keys to Heaven.

In John 10:7, 9, 11, and  14 identify Jesus as the only way to Heaven, Jesus is the only way to the Father (John 14:6), Jesus is the door,not just the guard of the door. Jesus is a living door to the sheepfold, a living door to salvation, a living door with an independent will able to determine which sheep enter, which under-shepherds enter, whom is approved for access and whom is denied the rightful access.

Heaven is free for man  to enter. It costs you nothing but faith. The cost was paid (Eph 1:7). The cost? Shedding of the blood of the only Son of God on the cross at Calvary. His vicarious death paid the price.

For anyone, any organization, any system, anything to claim a person must do something extra for entrance into Heaven or access to the Father makes this personal and precious sacrifice empty. It makes God’s decision to give His Son on the cross an empty mistake. God makes no mistakes (Num 23:19; Rom 8:28)

Anyone who says that one must do or believe or trust in anyone else but Christ is a robber and thief. They are of the world. Their view is limited to the things of the world. They do not believe in the sufficiency of Christ. Nothing is required outside of Christ.