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Man's pride resulted in complete judgment. Why do we think that will change? God does love us. He sent His son for us. Our response to Him is usually, "let me understand."or "No, I want to..."His response to us is always, "Do you believe?"

Our response to Him is usually, “let me understand.”or “No, I want to…”His response to us is always, “Do you believe?” An answer of “No” receives  your wages (Rom 6:23). 

In Genesis 1, we find the phrase “And God said,” 10 times in 20 verses. God’s voice, His words are the focus of the passage. Creation is certainly the result, but God and His power are the action being taken and the things in the passage we should most be concerned about.

Where there was darkness God spoke light into existence. Where there was nothing, God’s words spoke things into being.  Where there was no place to live, God spoke water and atmosphere into existence. Where there was no land, God spoke and water was gathered such that dry land could appear. Where there was only dirt, God spoke grass and herbs, fruit and vegetables as well as seeds to promote further sustained life. God spoke and there was a moon for the night and a sun for the day. God spoke and there were stars placed in the cosmos to hold all the celestial bodies in place though their combined gravitational pull. Those same stars give us signs for our seasons as the constellations change with our earths position in the universe. God spoke and the seas were filled with life. The air is filled with birds and all sorts of flying things . God spoke and the land teams with life enjoying the newly created grass and herbs.  God spoke and together the Father, Son and Holy Spirit make man in their own image, formed from the dirt of the ground and given dominion over the beasts, fish and foul of the world. God spoke and all created creatures became fruitful and multiplied.

Man’s actions to glorious things is often very reserved. Whether it is He does not want to be fooled, or cannot believe. Regardless man approaches God’s miracles with control. God simply wants to be Himself. God is miraculous. He is Spirit that became man. He is man that died for all humankind. He is creator of all things, all plants, all creatures large and small. He is love caring for all His creation, providing, healing, superintending the whole process of time. God steps into our lives and always does amazing things. Even the amazing event of a soul’s salvation, one of God’s most frequent and loving miracles is often met with a hum drum response or one that says, now we have to make sure you’re controlled and put into our religion pipeline.

This is what has happened to the man who was blind from birth in John 9. Jesus gave him sight he never had before. The Pharisees could not have this man believing in Jesus. They could not have people following Jesus, they might not come to the Temple, they might not trust the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees. Instead of the Savior of the world, instead of God, man needs man subservient to him alone. You will always be disappointed and controlled by man. Know God’s miracles. Believe them and trust Him.