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How do you meet God? Do you open your arms, or do you shake your fist?

How do you meet God? Do you open your arms, or do you shake your fist?

In our country today we are once again targeted for our faith. Though many never believed this day would come in America, the truth is that just as it was in Jesus day, it is again today. Christians are suffering every level of persecution and people of our country that are antagonistic to Christ are gaining numbers. Therefore those who believe in Christ are once again being considered a threat to society.

Today we have received news that Laramie, Wyoming has adopted a city discrimination ordinance. This outlaws discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. An amendment to exempt churches was defeated. The enemy of freedom, liberty, the constitution and Christ has already targeted an Independent Evangelical church inside city limits to sue as a test case. They will find a couple of misguided and gullible people of the world to attempt to force the church to perform a same sex wedding. Jackson Hole, never wanting to be out done in liberality, is also considering such an ordinance.

I want to encourage all Christians to attend the Jackson Hole meetings on Monday July 20th. Watch for the agenda which will be published Wednesday July 15th.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not about further freedom for other’s personal desires, (to engage in sodomy and lesbianism). This is an effort to force believers in Christ and those who desire to activate the scriptures in their lives to sin. If we sin, we are given permission to live and prosper among sinners. As Jesus was tempted by Satan, now the Christian will be tempted by Satan’s henchmen (Matthew 4:9).

Our constitution states specifically that we have the freedom to exercise our faith in the First Amendment. Because truth and fact mean nothing to Satan or his followers, they find unwritten rights such as a right to same sex marriage, and only in their senselessness can they press a written fact out of existence with an unwritten fabrication. We find them described in Romans 1:22, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

Jesus faced this same senseless choice of man to ignore bare facts in order to keep a life limited to their God given senses (John 8:52-53). When they can have eternal life of love in a place of perfection without sickness and death, they choose a temporary tenuous life full of hate and disappointment. When one can make a senseless decision such as that, it is no wonder they can supplant bear factual truth with concocted emotional emptiness. We must pity those who hold on so tight to the world that will eventually devour them. Christ is their only hope, share Him and His salvation.