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Never forget, they are American's, and so are you!

Never forget, they are American’s, and so are you!

Ladies and gentlemen, the key to life is liberty. Liberty is only born from one who can give it. Only the individuals denies themself liberty. Salvation in Christ can only be provided through Jesus, the Savior. Only the individual  denies themself salvation. If we do not understand the founder’s parallels to spiritual and national freedom we completely miss our Lord and do not understand our nation.

The reasons for both of these truths (not understanding our Lord or our nation) are wide ranging, deep, contemptuous and satanic. There is not enough room here to deal with these truths. What we have time to deal with is the parallels of salvation and liberty both spiritually and nationally.

I believe that God infuses each nation with an imprint that becomes their national persona. Israel was imprinted with the fortitude to stand in the face of great danger each day, surrounded by enemies on all sides at all times. America was imprinted with a desire for freedom and liberty.

This imprint projects from each convulsion of the heart muscle, it is pressed into each blood cell. When American’s bleed in the fight, we seed freedom on the shores around the world. There are great evidences of these deep seated desires of freedom.

First, no other nation helps more people both in their own nation and in other nations than America. We help more and support more than any other. Equally, only Christians have regularly established missions, churches, schools and gone into dangerous places not to conquer, but to share spiritually healing blood of Christ. Only Christians have established places just to help people, to share spiritual liberty with them, not to gather people unto a national identification, but free them to a heavenly identification. Though in our times of crisis we receive very little or no aid, it has never stopped us from giving aid to anyone in need. That also exhibits the selfless love of our Savior.

Second, as noted above freedom to do these things is provided to all mankind. Only America fights to free nations from tyranny and oppression and does not force capitulation to America. We know freedom and we share what we know and fight for others to have it. WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea and Kuwait are perfect examples. Some may say there were alternative motives, probably. But the baseline truth is that American’s fought and died in foreign lands to help nations free themselves from tyrants, autocrats, warlords and megalomaniac dictators. We do this because Jesus fought spiritually to free us from the tyrant of sin, the autocrat of damnation, the satanically controlled warlords of the world and the megalomania of Satan. Jesus fought and died to free you but He did not force you into His Kingdom. He introduces himself to you, gives you the faith to believe in His salvation, but does not force you to believe.

Third, our national identification with Jesus as Christians demands we emulate Him, do as He did, love as He loved, act fearlessly as He acted fearlessly! Only that freedom, pure and unfettered provided our victory on the foreign fields. We paid a high price for all of our freedom. Only men and women who knew they would come home to freedom, who knew they were fighting to sustain their children’s, families and future grandchildren’s freedoms can fight selflessly with a proud beating heart.

In the American, freedom and liberty pumps through the body by a heart bathed in it. Freedom and liberty course through the veins as its preciousness is imprinted on each blood cell. Freedom and liberty are perfected as they stand and fight to save not to dominate; they fight to preserve, not persecute. Carry on their fight! We are American’s!