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In John 8:33, we find an incredible statement by the leadeship in Israel, “We be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man.” Israel has had a vivid history of arrogance in the face of God. Each time

Spiritually, those who do not believe in Christ are in bondage. Their spirit is slave to life in this world.

Spiritually, those who do not believe in Christ are in bondage. Their spirit is slave to life in this world.

God’s anger was kindled, He took specific action. Using other nations as His tools, to remind Israel who it was that freed them, and who controlled the grace of  freedom God placed Israel into captivity in Babylon, through the Philistine dominance during Sampson’s lifetime and even the Roman occupation they currently endured.

Many deceive themselves regularly in this way. They say, We are free from mankinds influence, yet they must get the newest clothes or toys or be coincident with the most recent progressivism. Civilization as a whole has taken their current situation as the best they could expect. They pride themselves on the freedoms they enjoy, however small, and deny captivity or opression in order to not “rock the boat.”  America is one of few nations changed their attitude deciseively. Not to get too politically oriented, but today, America’s freedom is being threatened by socialism, but much of our populace is like the Israelite leadership, in denial.

Spiritually the same can be said. No matter where you look in the Bible, as one moves forward in time the people grow further and further from God and closer and closer to the influences and being coincident with the world. Even the most fundamenal of ministries exhibit some of these attitudes so as not to be completely ostricized from their community, Grace Bible not withstanding.  A decision wholly for God has great consequence, that consequence is complete separation from the things of the world. Though this does not mean stone age existence, it does mean almost always being at odds with the things of the world. Satan uses this threat of isolationism on the best of us.

Christian, you have to be brave. We will be isolated. I believe the most pure of ministries, (and this is not a statement of self-aggrandizement or some form of self-justification) will be small, dedicated, loving, meek children of God. These children of God will suffer great persecution financially, economically and socially. The testimony of Israel in John 8:33 is denial of reality, a concerted effort to deny the truth in order to promote their pride of the day, to diminish the man before them, the Messiah. Like so many today they bear false witness to bolster themselves and diminish the testimony of truth they do not want to face, to bolster their personal position and maintain their power, the things they are enslaved too.

True freedom comes when we no longer fear death, no longer fear the world’s destructive forces, no longer desire power and influence in the world. True freedom comes through truth, knowing the truth, living in truth and embracing the truth. True freedom comes to us all through Christ who is free from this world and the embodiment of truth (John 14:6). When we embrace this truth, we embrace life eternal and are free indeed.