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Except of course consensus science? Nahhh

Except of course consensus science? Nahhh

We are encouraged in the scriptures to believe in the person of Christ and all He is. The question for most always comes back to doctrine. Is the Bible true. Is it believable. Can we prove that? Is there evidence to prove the truth of the Scriptures? Unequivocally, the answer is, yes.

Unlike compiled books claiming to be inspired (Koran, Pearl of great price, writings of Confucius and Buddha), this book spans many lifetimes, has multiple authors and is not written purely for dominance, religion or morality. The Bible consists of 66 (not one) books, was written over a span of as much as 2,000 years by more than 40 individuals on two different continents, in three languages. These authors were a mixture of philosophers, doctors, kings, scholars, prophets, fishermen, farmers, a military general, a cup bearer and priests. These authors wrote about history, poetry, prophecy, proverbs and doctrines. They wrote while sitting in palaces, while languishing in prisons, wandering in the wilderness, watching seep, sitting amongst their crops and while exiled far from home. They wrote about their real true lives in real true form. They expressed depression and elation, defeat and defiance, solemnity and desperation. They penned their greatest failures and their most wonderful successes, their most horrid sins and imperfections are on display with their greatest feats of faith.

Surely, if man wrote this book he would tailor it to highlight the best of mankind, make the King of Kings out to be the perfect ruler of the perfectly moral kingdom of a perfectly moral country in a perfectly wonderful life. How could a godly ruler of perfection ever be associated with murderers like David, deceivers such as Jacob or arrogant subjects such as Peter. Not to mention adulterers such as Solomon. How could God be deceived by Judas?  God chose to be honest and display man in his natural flawed glory. The greatest testimony to God’s omniscience and omnipotence is His ability to work His perfect will through our arrogant imperfect will, all the while inviting us into that work.

There is a consistent theme throughout the scriptures that introduces a third party, a Person who will live with mankind on earth, be molested, insulted, and murdered by them, and redeem mankind through a vicarious death. This theme runs from Genesis through Revelation. It begins as a subtle mention and grows to a crescendo of amazing brilliance.

We can believe. It is true. Not all given in faith, but intellectually and reasonably it shines the light of truth on faith. (2 Timothy 3:15-16)