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How far off the path have we come? This was the leader, who would have been the governor. He knew where proper allegiance should lie.

How far off the path have we come? The pilgrims knew where proper allegiance should lie.

The most impactful and confusing in many ways, argument Jesus made to those around Him was that He did not belong here, did not ultimately report to the leaders in the world and was not interested in pleasing the world (John 8:23). Jesus interests lie in Heaven. With respect to all those around Him on earth it is a place He alone is familiar with. This is fearful to anyone that wants recognition and control. Like our political environment today forcing their humanist morals (or amorality) upon the Christian, in the times of Christ they pressed for total domination and subjugation to their totalitarian agenda.

You wonder, what is the best thing I can do to set myself apart as a Christian. How can I make a difference for Christ? Live as you know you will live in God’s kingdom. What does that look like?

In a world that claims morality is complete toleration of immorality… Christianity looks like you stick to your Christian principles regardless the cost. Barronelle Stutzman may lose her business and her home for her faith. It looks like being suspended from school for saying, “bless you” when someone sneezed as Kendra Turner was. It looks like censorship of a graduation speech as it was for Brooks Hamby, Kyle Gearwar and many others. It looks like young people answering questions and writing essays that include a bibliocentric idology and worldview and refusing to deny their faith in school such as Ryan Rotela.

Christian persecution in America is alive and well. To deny it is to claim an ignorance of the happenings in our society today. Young people are being forced to acquies to the humanist, atheist, secularist agenda’s or receive ridicule and persecution, even suffer physically as James Canfield and others protesting abortion know. The world’s religions already dominate our public schools through evolutionary theory, choaking out any additional science.

Like the Romans wantonly murdering in order to protect their kingdom and elicit fear, abortionists claim a moral high ground that includes wanton mruder of the most innocent of human life, the unborn (some progressive studies suggest a mother can murder their two year old child. Sound familiar? Think Pharaoh and Herod, both committed infanticide). Yet, these individuals claim they want to protect quality of life. Liberalist humanists democrats are the party of death. They support abortion and euthanasia. They care not for life except their own.

These duplistic positions full of worldly foolishness and confusion, full of opposing rationalities, illogical and an utterly lacking in wisdom portray man at his worst. In Christ every life is valuable. In Christ, we live for His kingdom. In Christ we please God not man. Be joyous suffering man’s  persecution! When you do you are on the right side of things. The Christian does not belong in this murderous world of hypocrites.