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We struggle to think that God might give us a life that is less than happy, less than healthy, less than exciting or less than fulfilling compared to lives in the world. We think we have to be content in all things when Christ should drive our contentedness. We think with Christ we must have perfect health when we should permit God to determine our challenges. We think we must seek excitement when God should be our portion. We believe fulfillment is born in our experience on earth be it magnanimity, self-indulgence or anything in between when Christ should fulfill us. Religious people think in terms of works, church attendance, morals, personal success, health or wealth. Our challenge is to see Christ as our all in all (1 Cor 12:6). Our challenge is to make God our portion (Psalm 119:57; 142:5; Eccl 2:10; Lam 3:24).

A few questions we should answer personally are, do we seek another’s approval or recognition in our worship? Are we worshipping Christ because someone else is? Have we stopped attending church because of other people? Are we concerned that we will not be happy if we have to keep God’s rules? Do we depend upon popular religious leader’s approval to give our faith, beliefs and life validity? If we do any of these things, Christ is not enough, our faith is not in Him but in an existential existence.

We expect to experience being with Christ when being with Christ is the experience. It is rather like the person searching for their car keys saying, “I’ve looked everywhere.” I tell my children, “No you haven’t, because you have not looked where your keys are yet.”

People often look everywhere for Christ but they fail to look in the one place where He has always been Heaven, a place of purity, a place of holiness, a place of perfection and sinlessness. Heaven is where everything begins. God issues all His decrees from Heaven and sends all His servants from His throne. Look up before you look out among the world.

Don’t look for miracles, don’t look for a popular religious leader’s approval, don’t look any farther than to the things of Heaven, to the word of God, to preaching of God’s word. Look for Christ and let Him be who He is, what He is and submit to what He wants. Look to give Him your service, not to get service from Him.