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This is Gospel Success.

This is Gospel Success.

Is it right to share Christ every time you open your mouth? Yes, but how you do it is important. Is it right to share Christ every where you go? Yes, but how you approach people is important. In John 7:1-9 this is what we find the Lord doing, He is sharing with us how to deal with others in challenging situations. We learn that what may seem the most advantageous opportunity is not necessarily the right opportunity.

Unfortunately this is what we think Gospel Success is.

Unfortunately, this is what we think Gospel Success is.

Many build empires claiming a testimony for Christ. Others allow Christ to build and permit God’s Kingdom to shine above all others. Having a large ministry can mean you’re doing something right. Having a small ministry can  also mean something is very right.

Jesus lost many of His followers during His ministry. Many left him after the feeding of 5000 above Tiberius. He still had a dedicated group but they were focused on the wrong things. Jesus refuses to lead a revolt against the worldly. People do not understand where He is coming from. Their focus is still directed horizontally. They should be looking vertically.

Many times people are looking to take care of their worldly problems. Many spiritual leaders take advantage of this weakened position in the lives of people and increase their numbers. There are times when this is appropriate, but only when there is spiritual tenderness. People are prepared by the Father for the Son, but that preparation is spiritual not temporal. We must not confuse God’s tools with a wrong focus in ones life. The appropriate times are when one’s focus is heightened on spiritual issues. When Jesus confronted the prostitute He forgave her and said, “Now, go and sin no more.” He did not promise that the consequences of her sin in the world would be eliminated, just that those in Heaven are rectified.

In John 7:1-9 we find Jesus refusing to take advantage of worldly weaknesses to promote His power and ministry in Israel. Jesus deals with people where they are at, but He does so to save their souls not improve their position in the world. We should always be concerned about the things of Christ and building His kingdom, not the things of our world and our position therein. If God chooses to exalt us, we should rejoice. If God chooses to keep us humble, we should rejoice. Both are used for His glory to share His gospel.