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Most of us have interviewed for a job or two in our lives. The hiring process is probably a good representation of the difference between called and chosen. Now, let’s not be confusing. In the end there is a choice made by man based on the information provided. With God, He knew before the beginning of time what the result of this interview would be (Ephesians 1:4).

The fact remains, whether you were told to put in an application, give them a resume’ or however initial contact took place, a phone call set up an interview, and that interview resulted in your being chosen or not. This is are the two facts we need to consider are parallels here. You were called, probably one of many. An individual in HR made a phone call to you and quite a number of others. Unlike God, they did not know before you showed up that they were going to choose you, but they did know they wanted to extend an opportunity to you. Still, a call was extended to you to give you an opportunity.

Second, you may have been chosen. This is completely out of your control. All one can do in these circumstances is be thankful that you were in fact chosen. You may have done your best, but you are not necessarily the determining factor in being chosen. I’ve known people who interview well, but have horrible resumes. I’ve know people who have great resumes but no interpersonal skills, therefore no interview skills. It all depends on what the job is, what is most important to the job. Either way, someone else is making those assessments, someone is making a subjective decision. Though they consider your needs for compensation and benefits, they make their decision simply on what they think you can do to benefit the organization.

God has made all those decisions for His kingdom before the beginning of time. Many are called, hearing the great promises God provides through His kingdom, but few will actually be chosen. Few are humble enough to ask God for wisdom. Few are humble enough to ask God for faith. Few are humbled by the call, fewer still are chosen by Him. (John 6:63-66)