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Spiritual_PerceptionPreconceptions and setting our minds on what we think, in other words stubbornness, very often results in contention. When we choose to ignore some very important and relevant facts because we are inappropriately focused upon our own ideas, we have the potential to hurt people and not be open to other blessings. All too often we miss didactic opportunities, opportunities to learn, and with our children opportunities to teach. We should be spiritually grieving, Matthew 5:4 tells us we should mourn, for those who suffer from lacking vision.

Life illustrates this in the father trying to communicate to a daughter in her teens. There is normally great miscommunication, misunderstanding and errant conclusions on both sides. The teen daughter is looking for extra communication in her father, the father is normally looking for straight forward communication from his daughter. Both are looking for what they perceive they need, not what is being given. The daughter does not want to say exactly what is happening, or why dad needs to go to the store for her. The father does not want to assume anything and is looking for direct answers. When we only look for what we want and are not willing to try to understand one another we get frustrated, and we frustrate others.

How often do we miss the point? One has to say all to frequently if we are honest. As we have seen the Jews here have missed what Jesus is teaching almost every time they have met with Him. They missed what he was teaching them when He met them in Tiberias, they missed what He was teaching in John chapter 3, they missed what he was teaching them when He healed people. They have missed every opportunity to see His glorious and eternal provision for what it is.

Now in John 6:52-57 Jesus is talking of His crucifixion and sacrifice, the beating and blood he would shed for mankind. Please don’t miss this truth. Jesus’ body was broken, His blood was shed and He gave His life on earth for your life in Heaven.