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Gift HorseThe old saying is,” don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” The truth is that you have to consider gifts given for their viability. We gratefully accept any gift given, but we might end up re-gifting (especially ties!).

When God directly gives or provides for people, it is a gift of God (Eccl 5:19; Rom 6:23). Some have said, God gives us what we need. That is partly true. But God wants us to enjoy the desires of our heart if we delight in Him (Psalm 37:4). Regardless whether it is riches or salvation, God’s gift is perfect (James 1:17).

If we believe the scripture, if we believe in God, if we believe He loves us even when we are sinners we must believe in His gifts (Romans 5:8; 1 John 4:12). All things of God are perfect. We cannot consider what God gives us and assess whether or not it is good. We only consider how to use what we are given for His glory.

In John 6:41-47, the Israelites were struggling with God’s gift, His Son. The same struggle takes place today in the world, for Jews and other works related religions. They do not see the Son of God as the perfect gift, they see Him as something to be earned, and in some cases, they struggle seeing Him at all.They are often mired in some ritual empty of faith but full of personal comfort.

If we believe the Father sent Jesus to save us, that He is the perfect gift for mankind, we must not scrutinize that gift. Instead, we must accept it and receive all it has to offer. Though like a Christmas gift is undeserved, it is unlike most Christmas gifts because of the eternal consequence. We have to change things about ourselves out of respect for the gift and the work accomplished to provide it.

Christ asks us to demonstrate our love the same way He did, by keeping God’s commandments (John 14:15). This requirement makes us look at that gift and sometimes evaluate whether we really want everything involved with it. We ask, “Why won’t He accept me as I am?” He did, and out of a pure love He died for what you were. Consider His love for you and love Him in return.