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God's way is always a completely different path than what man would choose (Isaiah 55:8).

God’s way is always a completely different path than what man would choose (Isaiah 55:8).

How often these two things live in contrast one to another. Man wants to be led by man (Exodus 20:18-21; 1 Samuel 8:6-9). Even if for supposedly good reasons (the men of Israel wanting to be free from Roman bondage). He can control other men through a variety of means and he knows it.

In the world today, politicians are controlled by the funding they receive.  In business the customer drives policy because they are always right. In health care government control competes with individual choice.

In religion one man gathers men unto himself and calls it success. Another teaches platitudes and homilies to please the masses. Others promote a health and wealth gospel. Another teaches the word of God without apology.

In John 6:15 we find Jesus confronting man’s desires for Him and His ministry. Jesus had a simple response to what He knew man was planning. The Jews who wanted to get out from under the religious tyranny and hypocrisy as well as the government corruption and oppression wanted a king new king. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? In the world today many have simply given up and gone to live their lives without God. So disgusted with the deception many  focus instead upon maintaining their liberty thinking that is the best they can do.

What freedom we have in Christ though! Looking upon the things of Heaven and God’s kingdom instead of the things of this world for pleasure and success provides mankind with freedom and liberty unparalleled! Jesus simply departed those who would make Him a worldly king favoring His heavenly position, desiring only to please the Father. Learning from Jesus, we too should shun the worlds false teachers and flock to biblical expositors, teachers of God’s word. If we detect sinfulness, a false teacher, or some other pressure by mankind to submit to His will, simply leave the room. That is what Jesus did in John 6:15.

When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone.