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Hand on BibleWorking for the Lord we all often wonder, is it all for naught. We work for decades and see children wonder from God’s path. We work for decades and see towns fall to Satan’s worldly ways. We work for decades and wonder if God knows we’re here. As Ben Everson’s song, “I’ll Pray Again” notes:


Tho’ worries so great, and nothings changed,

“Does God understand us at all?

“We’re out of answers and we’re feeling small


How often we feel this way. We feel this way because we want to SEE the changes in lives we are trying to make. We want to SEE the changes God is doing around us. WE want to know He is at work. The problem all to often is perception.

The reality is that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts (Is 55:7-9). We are placed into ministry because we have a heart to reach out to souls, to be used of God to save them from eternal condemnation. We want desperately to see the results of that. What we do not know is that God shines His light of approval on us in many different ways.

In John 5:31-47 this is what Jesus is trying to get His disciples to understand. The only approval He seeks is that of the Father and that approval can take any shape the Father deems appropriate. We too should ask for the same approval in our lives. As we grow and serve we should seek the Father’s approval for our testimony and service and be content with whatever His response is. At times Jesus was tried, persecuted and ostracized but all of those times of suffering were marks of approval because in persecution we are to, “rejoice and be exceeding glad because great is our reward in Heaven.”

You suffer slander and false accusation, if people revile you and say all manner of falsehoods against you and you wonder why? Satan is on the attack. If he is attacking it is because you threaten him! REJOICE, Jesus did!