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A glorious event, to be at the throne of God in eternal service.

A glorious event, to be at the throne of God in eternal service.

Some wonder what Christians hope for, what we trust in, where our faith becomes evident in our actions. How can Christians be calm in the deepest trials, the most strenuous of conditions, the greatest pressures mankind can levy upon his brothers and sisters. The reason Christians rest in the face of even the greatest adversity is the hope of the resurrection unto eternal life whose way was paved through the resurrection of the very Son of God.

John 5:28 and 29 repeat material Jesus presented in verses 24-27. Repetition is the art of learning and no on knows this better than the perfect teacher, Jesus of Nazareth. We do not know why He chose to repeat what He was saying, we only know that it is repeated and summarized. There is one small piece added that may give us a clue.

Verse 28 begins with, “Marvel not at this.” How often do we hear one piece of a conversation that seems antagonistic, but completely ignore the rest of what is said. We often do this to our detriment. Could Jesus see confusion on their faces? Or, could this response be born from the God part of this man; could Jesus see their hearts filled with fear of judgment, doubt of veracity, or simple skepticism?

Either way, He addresses a core issue, that they are again focused upon the wrong thing, themselves in the today. Jesus tells them not to marvel at the power of judgement He possesses, but the promise of eternal life in Heaven. Focus upon, hope in and rest in the power of the resurrection unto eternal worship and service in Heaven with the triune God of glory! Focus on that.