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Supporting, holding. loving, caring, protecting - this is motherhood.

Supporting, holding. loving, caring, protecting – this is motherhood.

Only half of our population can experience this life changing and awe inspiring event. As the child develops in the womb, the mother experiences new life with movement and the wonderful sensations of vibrant growth. Men can only enjoy seeing this develop. No doubt this is that extra liveliness we see in expectant mothers.

Mothers are special. They appreciate the littlest things about their children, observe the slightest change in behavior, know the voice of their child from afar, understand the deeper feelings and needs. Mothers balance this extra measure of compassion with the tough lessons of life in such a way wise children implement her standards throughout life (Prov 23:24).

Mothers are loving (Prov 31:20). Though “loving” can carry too many connotations in our society today, a mothers love is unique as it stems from the responsibility to cultivate life for God’s glory (1 Tim 2:15). Therefore, her love mirrors the perfect love of God.

Mothers are strong (Prov 31:17).  Righteous children rejoice to submit under her leadership (Prov 1:8). Mothers rejoice in the submissive, servant hearts they develop for God’s service (Prov 23:25). Mothers raise the future rulers and warriors in God’s army (Ezek 19:10-11). Their influence can bear the fruits of wisdom, quietude, strength, self-control and solemnity.

Mothers breed loyalty (Prov 31:23; Ruth 2:11). This only comes with virtue and self-discipline. These are given by example in the well kept home, carefully cultivated intellectual development and consistency in the face of abnormality. Mothers provide stability which breeds a calm disciplined spirit (Prov 31:25).

Mothers, we honor you today. Thank you.