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John 5:25-26 has been taught from a number of directions. Some have pointed to the life there as eternal. Some have pointed to life as a freedom from conscious sin, hearing Jesus call provides sinlessness to relieve guilt. The root truth may lie elsewhere.

Seek His strength, accomplish His will.

Seek His strength, accomplish His will.

The word for life in this passage indicates a physical existence. It concerns living in and on this world with other people whether saint or sinner or both.  It is living, breathing and eating life in our temporal bodies. So, does this mean we hear His call and are relieved from sins sting? Yes. But it does not mean we can sin with abandon? There is still consequence for our actions. 

Life is not stagnant, or shouldn’t be. Life should produce. Life is never boring even for the most boring of us. This promise of life is a beginning viability for the work of the Savior. It is a promise that when we truly hear His name we will live productively for Him. Life is living for Jesus functionally, actively.

At the judgment seat of Christ in 2 Corinthians 5 believers are judged for their works, or lack thereof. Have you truly heard Christ’s call? How much do you LIVE for Him?