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Matthew 28:1-10 or Mark 16: 1-11 tell of the amazing events surrounding the resurrection of our Lord. The last seven days have been amazing to consider in retrospect. What a mixed up week! We were privileged to usher in a new King of Israel. We brought him in through the Golden Gate and the Romans didn’t make any fuss. They simply saw Jesus as a teacher. Some of what He taught created fear in their hearts, we knew that. But He was our King. He was going to free us from bondage!

Then, we heard of wickedness, plots against Jesus life. On Thursday night, He was betrayed by one of His followers, Judas Iscariot. That is when it all started right there in Gethsemane. Even then the Master was calm, betrayed with a kiss He healed the Roman Soldier attacked by Peter.

Then the horrible crucifixion. Such pain, such agony, so bloody, so torturous. Darkness fell, earthquakes and so much more. We thought the world was coming apart.

The tomb is empty, the cloths remain, because Jesus is Risen!!!!

The tomb is empty, the cloths remain, because Jesus is Risen!!!!

Now, Sunday we come to the tomb to anoint the Master. Despondent, our King and Savior is dead. But He’s not! On our way, we wondered how we might deal with the soldiers, how we might roll the stone, how we could anoint our master through our tears. When we arrive, we find the soldiers like dead men, the stone rolled away, and an angle of God telling us Jesus is risen just as He promised! We were awestruck. The angel told us to go, tell the disciples. We immediately ran to do that very thing! Then, another met us on the trail, the Master himself! We did not want to believe it, but He had told us of all these things. He told us this would have to happen to Him. We could do nothing but fall at His feet and worship Him! We would see freedom from Rome in Heaven!

The first day of the week, we usher in the King of Jerusalem! The first day of the next week we usher in the resurrected Son of God, Prince of Peace, King of the Universe! Jesus has defeated Satan’s sting! We no longer fear death. We are free from the worlds cruelness, sinfulness, wickedness and pain. Our hope is no longer in earthly things, but a heavenly Savior who gave himself and proved His power over the World! He Lives!!!